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‘Why I Queried My Doctor Over My Daughter’s Skin Colour’ -Reality Star, Bambam On Motherhood And Dealing With PPD

‘Why I Queried My Doctor Over My Daughter’s Skin Colour’ -Reality Star, Bambam On Motherhood And Dealing With PPD

Big Brother Naija reality star, Bamike Adenibuyan better known as Bambam has opened up on motherhood and how she dealt with Postpartum depression.

In an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, the mother of two revealed that she never imagined her body would ever get thick and she would change so much after having her first child. Luckily for her, she had a good husband, who never made her feel bad or body-shamed her.

According to her, her second pregnancy was more merciful than the first because with her first daughter, she went from Maroon to black, and had skin tags.

Bambam admitted that the sudden change in her body left her in shock. To add to it, when her daughter came out, she was white and had grey eyes, which left her querying the doctor. But now, she looks different.

Bambam also revealed that she suffered from postpartum depression and had preeclampsia during her first pregnancy. In her words:

“I would never have imagined that my body would get this thick, no jokes. I look in front of the mirror and thank God for supportive husbands like mine. Imagine I had a man who wasn’t open to the transition phases I went through with each pregnancy.

My second pregnancy was even more merciful than the first. What! Zendaya! I went from Maroon to black, I had skin tags, and I had acne breakouts. Went from size 8 to 14/16. I was in shock.

I went through postpartum depression. I was a mess. I did not understand. I transformed literally. But I mean look at the girl. Now you understand why she did what she had to do.

I had to ask the doctor, ‘Is that my baby?’ ‘How is she so white looking?’ She had grey eyes and now they’re brown. She looked so different.

I had preeclampsia with her pregnancy, she had detached from my placenta by the time I arrived at the hospital. So the thought of losing her, if I hadn’t been diligent with my antenatal classes or taking my vitamins.

We tried going to have her abroad but there were a lot of setbacks so we had to settle. And the hospital we got, thank God they were so diligent. Imagine they didn’t do my urinalysis test and the doctor didn’t call at the time that he did?”

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This isn’t the first time, she has opened up on her battle with Post Partum depression.

In a chat with media personality and mom, Stephanie Coker, she revealed that she was mercilessly dragged on social media for her plus size, disclosing that she had to develop a tough skin to handle their criticisms.

Bambam added that she was lucky her husband, Teddy A loved her new stature, so he didn’t make her feel bad.

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Recall that Bambam and her husband met on the reality show, Big Brother Naija where they fell in love. The lovebirds made headlines for their relationship during and after the reality TV show.

A year after leaving the show, the couple surprised many when they got engaged on August 4th, and on September 7, they got married in a traditional ceremony in Ogun State and a white wedding in Dubai, UAE, which was attended by several of their colleagues.

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The couple recently celebrated their fifth anniversary and Teddy A opened up on how he proposed to Bambam, two weeks after they had an intense argument.

According to him, the relationship seemed to be on the brink of collapse, leaving Teddy A searching to bring closure to their turbulent situation.

In his bid to save his relationship, he sought advice from his brother and then planned a surprise proposal for Bambam.

Today, the couple are proud parents of two girls.

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