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‘I Lost Properties, Access To Our Kids’ -Emeka Ike Speaks Up On Marital Woes With Ex-wife, Depression And More…

‘I Lost Properties, Access To Our Kids’ -Emeka Ike Speaks Up On Marital Woes With Ex-wife, Depression And More…

Veteran Nigerian actor, Emeka Ike has opened up about the marital woes he faced and what happened after the union ended.

The actor said he has been depressed for a long time over the things he experienced when married to his ex wife, Suzanne Emma.

Recall that Ike’s ex-wife of 12 years and mother of their four children filed for divorce at a Lagos court with her major reason for wanting to quit the marriage being constant beating by her husband.

Speaking during an interview on Channel Television’s Rubbin’ Minds, the 56-year-old Nollywood star disclosed that his ex-wife accused him falsely of assaulting her.

He added that the false accusation led to him losing access to his children and all his properties. He said that after the divorce, he left home for the US with just a luggage, not knowing that his wife had allegedly plotted his “downfall”
He added that he was still on the way to the US when his ex-wife went to his secondary school, asked all the students to leave, and shut down the school. He said she did the same at his home.

He explained how he came back from the US and discovered that the multi-million school he built was closed down by his ex-wife. He further added that his wife sold all his houses, and lost all his lands to people after his ex-wife sold them.

According to him, the only property he had when he returned was the luggage he traveled.

“I didn’t come on the internet space to clarify the allegations against me because it’s difficult to clarify because the same people that were bullying me on the internet, they were still there. They are gonna say, ‘Don’t mind him. He is still missing her. Move on.’

And if you’re not prepared to handle it, you will be crushed. My secondary school, St. Nicholas College, on CMD road, Magodo, was shut down. Over N480 million investment that year was shut down. And all I heard was constant battery. I was like, ‘I don’t beat this lady. What’s going on? Babe, what’s going on? They said I beat you, do I?’

And she [my ex-wife] said, ‘No. But you’re a star, you know, they can always manipulate things and all that.’ So, I was gullible until I discovered that she was actually the one behind all this whole thing.

Some ladies are too desperate for marriage legally. And she actually told me one time that I am not the marriage type. And I didn’t understand it. So, the young men need to know that there are plenty ladies that are not the marriage type lately.”

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He said he sponsored his ex-wife’s higher education but didn’t know that he wasn’t “loved in return.” The thespian said he and his family members begged his ex-wife not to divorce him, but she was adamant. He recalled:

“She [my ex-wife] went to divorce herself. She said, ‘Judge, please, divorce me, I want to go.’ I said, ‘Kilode? Where are you going?’ I was on my knees. Felix Duke was on his knees.

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My sisters were on their knees in court. Even the people that came with my ex-wife to court were on their knees. They said, ‘Are you okay? What’s wrong with you?’ We didn’t understand what was going on in her psychology.”

Ike said he believed his ex-wife was blackmailed by some “gunmen” she was involved with into divorcing him.

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Suzanne had on July 13, 2015, approached the court to dissolve the 14-year-old marriage between her and the Nollywood actor.

In 2017, a Lagos Island Customary Court dissolved the marriage between Emeka Ike and his wife over incessant battery.

Watch him speak below…

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