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‘Having More Than 30 Minutes Of Erection Is Harmful’ – Nigerian University Professor Enlightens Men

‘Having More Than 30 Minutes Of Erection Is Harmful’ – Nigerian University Professor Enlightens Men

Professor Ademola Popoola, from the Department of Surgery at the University of Ilorin (Unilorin), has warned that sustaining an erection for over 30 minutes during sexual intercourse serves no purpose, but poses a risk, and can be harmful to men.

Prof. Popoola raised this concern in Ilorin during his paper presentation at the university’s 250th Inaugural Lecture titled “That All May Pee in Peace.”

He said that an individual experiencing an erection lasting more than 30 minutes should promptly seek medical attention.

The professor stressed the necessity of terminating prolonged erections under the guidance of a competent doctor to safeguard subsequent penile function.

While acknowledging that a firm erection is necessary for satisfactory sexual intercourse, Popoola highlighted that prolonged erections often lead to penile fractures or breaks.

“Research indicates that ruptures are more common on the right side of the penis,” he noted.

Additionally, Popoola addressed issues related to urination, highlighting potential challenges that can transform an otherwise normal bodily function into a problem that could ultimately endanger an individual’s life if left unaddressed.

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The esteemed educator, who lectures at the Faculty of Clinical Sciences within the College of Health Sciences at Unilorin, identified several causes contributing to urination difficulties in women. These include abnormal uterine positioning, urethrocele, and rare conditions such as perforated ovarian teratoma and anteverted uterus.

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Warning that the presence of blood in urine should raise significant concern and discomfort during urination, Popoola stressed that it may indicate underlying health issues warranting immediate investigation.

He emphasized the importance of diagnosing the cause of hematuria within one to two weeks of seeking medical care and establishing a treatment deadline.

Popoola urged for comprehensive care for patients with urological cancers, advocating for coverage by the National Health Insurance Authority.

He also called upon the Federal Government to allocate research funding to address genitourinary problems, including kidney failure.

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