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Celebrity Mum, Chacha Eke Tells Housewives 10 Secrets To A Happy Home

Celebrity Mum, Chacha Eke Tells Housewives 10 Secrets To A Happy Home

Popular Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke Faani, has shared some insights into how wives can maintain a happy home and what they should do to keep their husbands happy.

The mother of four took to her Instagram account to list ten things that wives should take note of in their marriage.

According to Chacha;

1. “If you want your husband to make love to you often, have a good attitude. No matter how sexy you look or dress, your husband will not find you attractive if you have a bad attitude.

2. If you want your husband to be eating with you, be pleasant to be around. No matter how tasty your food, it loses taste when being around you is stressful.

3. If you want your husband to open up to you sensitive and difficult information, learn to keep secrets and not to overreact. A man refrains from sharing too much when he is scared information will be leaked or misinterpreted.

4. If you want your husband to be taking you out often, stop bringing drama and ruining dates with issues that should be dealt with at home. No man wants to go spend time and money at a venue where he will be emotionally drained.

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5. If you want your husband to solve the issues in your marriage, stop seeing yourself as the angel and him the devil, stop attacking him or labelling him as “The agent the devil is using to ruin your marriage”. See also your fault, show him you are on the same team and seek solutions, not finger-pointing

6. If you want your husband to come home early, be peaceful. The wife tends to own the home and so can easily make the husband keep off if she becomes harsh, uninviting and combative.

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7. If you want your husband to be chatting with you and calling you up, be fun to talk to, and make him miss you. If each time he calls you or chats you up it ends up with you starting a fight, reminding him of his wrongs or ordering him around he will avoid communication with you.

8. If you want your husband to receive your suggestions and corrections then speak to him with a tone of love. If you come at him shouting, dictating at him or manipulating him he will harden up.

9. If you want your husband to enjoy kissing you, then speak loving words, be gentle, be easy to talk to. Lips that speak words that hurt are not attractive to kiss.

10. If you want your husband to do more sweet, romantic and special things; appreciate the little he does and he will do more. Complaining never inspires a man to do better but appreciation does.”

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