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Why Married Men Have Side Chicks -Nigerian Man, Emmanuel Emju Bares His Thought

Why Married Men Have Side Chicks -Nigerian Man, Emmanuel Emju Bares His Thought

A staunch Nigerian polygamy advocate, Emmanuel Junior Emju has shared his thoughts as to why married men keep side chicks.

Emmanuel opined in a Facebook post that married men have side chicks instead of marrying more wives because of the stigma around polygamous marriages.

He went further to warn people to stop the stigmatisation against polygamy and allow men marry many wives so that the society will have high moral standards.

In his post:

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ā€œCampaigns against polygamy and stigmatisation are parts of the key marginalisation acts against the male gender that makes them eat at night, what they cast and bound in the day, that’s part of the reasons for deceits in this life.

A man starts to go out for side chicks because of the stigmas polygamy face in our society. Normally, if the character of the first wife goes awry along the marriage and no positive results after trying to sort it out, he goes straight to take a second wife if he is capable or a man see a girls that his heart adores, he makes her part of his household by taking her as additional wife not as a second wife.

Stop the stigmatisation, let men marry as much as they can and see how we will have a society of high moral standards.

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Do not say you weren’t told, polygamy is the way forget. Any female gender saying ills of polygamy is jealous human being and any male gender trying to say wrongs about polygamy is just being pretentious.”

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