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Why Reality Star Mum, Venita Akpofure Is Advicing Ladies Against Getting Married Before Age 28 

Why Reality Star Mum, Venita Akpofure Is Advicing Ladies Against Getting Married Before Age 28 

Big Brother Naija’s former housemate, Venita Akpofure has taken a stance against early marriage.

The reality star and actress, in an interview with Tacha on The Big Friday Show, advised ladies to hold off any thought of getting married until they are around 28.

Giving reasons, the single mother of two stated that the 20s are a prime time for exploration and self-discovery, as such one needs to explore various aspects of life to make informed decisions about marriage.

Though she noted how some ladies are mature even at a young age, she still believes in trying different things before walking down the aisle. She emphasized that marriage needs grown-up skills like handling tough times and understanding yourself. In her words:

“Don’t marry young o! Don’t go and do ‘I’m doing high school sweetheart, we die here’, just be young! Be young, enjoy your life. When you’re tired, get married.”

According to Venita, she won’t allow her daughter to get married when she is less than 28 because as a young lady, you need to try different aspects of life with different experiences before deciding to get stuck in the union called marriage. She continued:

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“Do not marry young, I’m saying ideally — okay if my daughter came and approached me that she was ready to get married, if my daughter approaches me, as long as she’s not I swear to God, not up to 28, we can rock with it. Anything below 28, please no.

Because you’re going to change your mind and you don’t know all of who you are at 20-something. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who are mature oh. But you need to try different things in life, different experiences, to be sure of okay, I want to be stuck here. Because it’s handcuff, you’re there.”

Because you’re stuck – that’s the social idea. Unless you’re Westernized like me, then you’re unstuck, you can unstuck yourself. I’m divorced. The ones that are enjoying now, ‘ll probably still reach a time where they’ll probably hate each other and still have to be in the same space.

I’m telling you! Why do you think to say them get madam room and oga room? When the ground is shaking and I need space, I need space. Be in your room, I’ll be in my room. To me, in an ideal marriage, my husband would have a wonderful house here, and mine would be over here, and there would be magnificent corridors connecting the two houses.”

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Her post has left many divided with some concurring with her, while others totally disagreed with it.

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@Adelakun Tufayi, “At this juncture, there has to be a regulation on what comes out of these podcasts because many are being misled.

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@Ricky Anney, “Don’t listen to her o, or else you gonna learn the hard way.

@Glochic, “Venita shift it’s not by ur age normally you get bad character.

@Mariez Official, “I fully support her on this.

@Hills Thrift, “It’s her point of view. You do the one that you like”.

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