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Actress, Osoba Temitope Recounts Toxic Background And Sexual Assault By Her Uncle As A Teenager

Actress, Osoba Temitope Recounts Toxic Background And Sexual Assault By Her Uncle As A Teenager

Nollywood actress, Temitope Osoba has recounted a traumatizing moment of sexual assault by a family member.

The Yoruba actress, who took a break from the industry, in an interview with colleague, Biola Bayo on her Talkshow, Talk to B, revealed that she moved out of her ‘toxic’ grandmother’s house to stay with her uncle.

Unfortunately, things turned out worse for her, as her uncle was sexually assaulting her and making advances towards her.

According to her, the incident affected her career to some extent but she was able to bounce back and pick up the pieces of her life.

Elsewhere in the interview, Temitope revealed she suffered depression because of her inability to make ends meet. To make things worse, people were looking up to her and expecting her to be of financial help to them.

She revealed that it got to a point, where she couldn’t bathe, brush, eat and sleep and was always putting the bible on her chest.

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She recalled:

“My grandmother came one day and arrested me and I decided I didn’t want to stay with her, so they took me to my uncle’s house. I started living with him and he started making some advances towards me, trying to harass me sexually. And I told myself, I couldn’t go through this again.

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The relationship affected my acting career to some extent, but I picked up back. 2022/2023, the Devil tried, but he didn’t win.

I suffered from depression because things became difficult for me, I couldn’t meet my needs, people were looking up to me and I wasn’t working.

It got to a point that I couldn’t sleep, had to put the Bible on my chest before I could sleep peacefully cause I would always see something in the dark. I stopped functioning, couldn’t eat, brush, bathe, and all”.


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