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‘Only Women Should Be Allowed To Be Gynaecologists’ – X Users Opine, Give Reasons

‘Only Women Should Be Allowed To Be Gynaecologists’ – X Users Opine, Give Reasons

Some social media users have opined that only women should be allowed to be obstetricians and gynaecologists.

It all began with one X user writing: “Only women should be allowed to study gynaecology actually. Only women should be gynaecologists.”

The user then proceeded to narrate how men sometimes joke about becoming gynaecologists so they can touch women’s private parts freely.

Women who have been sexually abused by male gynaecologists then reacted to the tweet by sharing their personal stories.

The original poster’s suggestion has led to a debate on X.

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We rejected every male gynecologist that tried to see my wife during her pregnancy… unless a man is a surgeon, he has no business in gynecology, leave that for women… even in our culture and most cultures, men weren’t allowed anywhere, near child birth, including the babies father…


I am a Nigerian trained OBGYN consultant. I did my residency training in LUTH but currently workin the UK. I have delivered hundreds of babies home and abroad and improved women’s health home and abroad. I have always been professional and to tell you the truth when we work our mind is compartmentalized and we don’t think of sex. How do you even think of sex in the labour ward – in the middle of blood, meconium and liquor ? Sometimes patients say they prefer a female OBGYN. I am happy when they say this because its less work for me. Na you go wait tire if no female OBGYN is around or if she is busy somewhere.

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