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I Still Love My Ex-wife – Actor, Femi Durojaiye Shares Insights Into His Personal Life As He Talks On The Power Of Love In Relationships

I Still Love My Ex-wife – Actor, Femi Durojaiye Shares Insights Into His Personal Life As He Talks On The Power Of Love In Relationships

Nigerian actor, Femi Durojaiye has revealed his enduring love for his estranged wife, despite their divorce.

In a recent interview with PUNCH, the Nollywood star emphasised the significance of love in relationships and shared insights into his personal journey. He went on to confess that he still loves his ex-wife.

Durojaiye reflected on the power of love, describing it as the most potent force on earth. He expressed admiration for individuals experiencing love and highlighted his ongoing affection for his ex-wife, whom he had known as a friend for approximately 18 years before their marriage.

According to him, they fell in love during their adolescent years, when she was 16 and he was 17, and the only reason they were divorced was because their marriage did not last.

He then advised against marrying solely based on religious compatibility but rather emphasized the importance of love in such unions.

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In his words:

“Love is the most powerful force on earth. Some people have given up on love, marriage, and relationships. But, that is so wrong. Love is still a beautiful thing and the most important thing God created. I envy anyone who is in love.

“I still love my ex-wife, because she was my friend for about 18 years before we got married. We were teenage lovers. She was 16 and I was 17. Our divorce was not acrimonious. It just did not work out anymore, so we went our separate ways.

We have children between us and we are friends. If I don’t tell you that we are divorced, you won’t ever know when you see her around me, because we were best friends.”

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He said despite the sour ending, he would have loved to take his ex-wife out on Valentine’s Day, but work would not allow it. According to Durojaiye:

“I am not sure yet, because of work. However, if I have to take anyone out on Valentine’s Day, it would be her.

“Never marry anybody for any other reason than for the fact that you love the person. Don’t marry because she is a church girl, or because he is a mosque man. If you make the mistake of marrying the wrong person, eight times out of 10, that marriage will not work. Love is so important.”

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