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Seun Kuti’s, Wife Yetunde Vows Never To Leave Their Marriage If He Cheats, He Responds In A More Shocking Way!

Seun Kuti’s, Wife Yetunde Vows Never To Leave Their Marriage If He Cheats, He Responds In A More Shocking Way!

Famous Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti and his wife, Yetunde spoke on their stance on cheating in marriage while stating the next line of approach should it happen.

During a recent Valentine’s edition of the TVC program, Your View, Seun’s wife, who appeared alongside him, revealed that she would not leave him if he were to cheat on her.

Seun also stated when asked that he would not leave his wife if she were to be unfaithful while adding that he believes that infidelity is not a deal-breaker in their marriage.

Seun clarified that his reasoning is based on the notion that an affair won’t end their marriage.

“There is nothing my husband is going to do that would make me leave him. Even if he cheats on me I won’t leave him. I am not going to leave my husband because he cheated on me. Nah, that can’t happen,”

Yetunde stated.

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Seun cuts in, “We don’t believe in cheating. What is cheating? Love is not ownership.”

One of the hosts further asked the singer, “Would you leave her [your wife] if she cheats on you.”

He affirmatively responded no while declaring that it has nothing to do with everything he and his wife share in their marriage.

“No. What has that got to do with anything?” he said.

Reacting to Seun’s statement, Nigerian singer Portable, expressed a contrasting viewpoint. Portable, who has a wife and 7 baby mamas, firmly stated that if any of them were to cheat on him, he would immediately terminate their union without hesitation.

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In his defense, he stated that he doesn’t want to die young and his enemies might want to use his wife as an avenue to bring him down.

He further averred that any man who can’t confront his wife after catching her cheating is likely irresponsible and lacks the courage to address the situation.

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The Zazuh star commented,

“If any of my wife cheat and I know oti loo because I don’t want to die young if your wife dey cheat and you no fit talk that means you’re not responsible man sha no forget say them fit you your woman get you down.”

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