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Relationship, Marriage, Career: Timini Egbuson Reveals His Greatest Regret In Life

Relationship, Marriage, Career: Timini Egbuson Reveals His Greatest Regret In Life

Famous Nollywood actor, Timini Egbuson has in a recent interview with Madeux Africa revealed one of his biggest regrets in life.

He stated that one of his greatest regrets in life is not settling down early enough. The 36-year-old movie star disclosed that he should have settled down with one of his young loves because then it was real, true love.

He further stated that at the moment, it is hard for him to tell who was really for him and that it was also harder to open up oneself for true love because it means that you have to let your guard down 100%.

“Honestly, my biggest regret is not settling down early enough. I wish I had picked someone I loved. I mean, one of my young loves then. Maybe by now, I would have had a 14-year-old kid running around,”

he said.

He also stated in the same interview that he prefers dating Nigerian girls abroad compared to dating Nigerian girls at home. He revealed how easier it was to flow and get along with them as opposed to Nigerian girls who actually reside in Nigeria.

He further claimed that the fierce competition that women in Nigeria face when it comes to dating makes it preferable to date them overseas.

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Speaking of his experience, he said:

“This is me talking from my personal experience, honestly I feel like you would get a better dating experience from a Nigerian girl living abroad than those living here.

My reason is because Nigerian girls living in London, Canada or America are the minority in the dating pool over there. So there are options.

So when an abroad based Nigerian babe catches you, you are honestly the catch and she would be happy to take care of you. But over here, they have options. Even the ones that aren’t the best looking.”

The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) 2020 winner for Best Actor in a Drama for his role in Elevator Baby has come so far, from starring in the series, Tinsel and MTV Shuga: Naija to most recently the highest-grossing Nigerian film A Tribe Called Judah.

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He also shared that he has been able to help other leading male actors rise to the stars that they are now. In his words:

“I believe that I genuinely opened up the way for a lot of new school young actors. I also believe that I opened up the leading male young actor category. Because when I joined Nollywood there were no lead roles for like younger [man], you either had to be an old man or like a young babe… No one was actively writing lead roles for young men.”

According to him, a good amount of big-shot male actors in the industry have benefitted from his help and connections at one point or the other. He added:

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“Any big name that you can think of in your head, I have done it for them. But the problem and the mistake that they make is they come out here, and instead of them to come out with the mentality of gratitude.

And that’s why you don’t know about it because they are not talking about it and they are not coming out from a place of gratitude for this Og. Rather, they are coming out here, with what do I need to do to compete”.

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