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Married Coach, Solomon Buchi Speaks To Couples On The Negative Impact Of Having A Private Life In Marriage

Married Coach, Solomon Buchi Speaks To Couples On The Negative Impact Of Having A Private Life In Marriage

Relationship expert and life coach, Solomon Buchi has shared some insights into why partners must be very open to one another in marriage.

He went on to dish out some reasons why women should always check their man’s phone. Taking to the X-Platform, he expressed that people who are married should be able to access each other’s phones comfortably.

He further stated that as a married man, he grants his wife access to his location all the time and she also does likewise.

Buchi also revealed that when people are married, they are supposed to be open about everything hammering on the fact that the more open you are as a married man or as a married woman, the less likely you will fall into temptation.

According to him, when partners are opened to each other, it breeds accountability and that falling becomes inevitable when you have a private life in marriage.

He wrote:

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“My wife and I have access to our locations at every time (Find My app) and more than for safety, I think it takes openness to share that.

In this marriage thing, open yourself as much as you can. Openness disarms your proclivities. The more open you are, the less likely you’ll fall into temptation. Openness breeds accountability.

Your gadgets, social media and bank passwords shouldn’t be a secret. Your whereabouts too.

Falling is inevitable when you have a ‘private’ life in marriage.”

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Barely 24 hours after making the post, Buchi came out to reveal how different women have DM’d him. They had apparently checked their husband’s phone and were shocked by some of the things they saw.

He reaffirmed his statement as he kept on emphasizing that it was important for women to check their partner’s phone especially if they feel strongly about something.

Now taking to his comment section, a lot of netizens agreed with him as some women even cried out over some of the gruesome things they found when they were able to access their partner’s phone.

They also expressed how it has saved them a lot of time when they were able to find those things for themselves.

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