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‘I Got Married For All The Wrong Reasons’ -Charly Boy Reveals In New Interview

‘I Got Married For All The Wrong Reasons’ -Charly Boy Reveals In New Interview

Veteran Nigerian singer, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy has revealed how he married his wife with whom they have lasted 46 years for all the wrong reasons.

In an interview hosted by reality TV personality, Uriel on Inside Scoop with Pulse, the prominent activist claimed that when he married his wife, Diane Oputa in his early 30s, he was searching for the wrong qualities.

According to the 73-year-old TV presenter, he was looking for a woman who had a nice figure, beautiful and who can sing, since he was going into his hobby, singing.

However, all the aforementioned reasons were all the wrong reasons. He stated that at the time, those attributes were what he desired so much.

Charly further said that now, he wants something different since he is no longer interested in a lady’s beauty, big buttocks, or breast.

The legendary entertainer also opened up about having a feminine side as he clarifies his sexuality. For years, many Nigerians have assumed he was gay, owing to his dressing and appearance.

Charly Boy refuted that, saying he has a feminine side who he refers to as Linda, a character trait he picked up while he was in America.

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However, he stated that he remains attracted to women and if he was gay, he would be protesting for gay rights in Nigeria.

He also recollected that when he did the Charly Boy show, he had a female character he played, Mrs Zigizigi.

Charly Boy admits that a lot of people tend to get confused about his sexuality unless they know him personally.

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