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Justin Dean Accuses Ex Wife, Korra Obidi Of Cheating While Pregnant With Their 2nd Child, Leaks Chat

Justin Dean Accuses Ex Wife, Korra Obidi Of Cheating While Pregnant With Their 2nd Child, Leaks Chat

Justin Dean, the former husband of renowned US-based Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, has disclosed the reasons behind their separation, just three months after the birth of their second child.

The ex couple who are parents to JuneĀ and Athena Dean, experienced marital discord in 2022. Despite welcoming their second daughter through a “natural raw water birth” in March 2022, their relationship deteriorated.

Dean accused Obidi of infidelity, alleging that she engaged in extramarital affairs.

In a circulating video, the American Chiropractor presents evidence of Obidi’s unfaithfulness, claiming that while she was five months pregnant with their daughter, she traveled to Nigeria and had an affair with her friend’s fiancĆ©.

According to Justin, Korra had told him that she was going back to Nigeria for a wedding at the time when she was still pregnant.

However, he never knew that she was busy supposedly sleeping around with men, while still married to him.

He stated that a chat with one of her alleged lovers was leaked to him by someone, a chat of her after she allegedly slept with her friendā€™s fiancĆ©.

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The chat showed a suggestive chat between Korra and another man, whose name wasnā€™t revealed.

The revelation has sparked reactions on social media, with many expressing sympathy for Dean’s distress and criticizing Obidi’s actions.

Some commentators condemned those who dismissed Dean’s ordeal, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging male experiences in relationships.

Others commended Dean’s courage for speaking out and highlighted the complexities of gender dynamics in such situations. Despite differing opinions, Dean’s disclosure has ignited discussions surrounding fidelity, accountability, and societal attitudes towards marital issues.

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