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Abuja British School: Father Of Bullied Student, Namtira Bwala Speaks, Makes Two Demands To The School 

Abuja British School: Father Of Bullied Student, Namtira Bwala Speaks, Makes Two Demands To The School 

The father of Namtira Bwala, the bullied student of Lead British International School, Abuja, has finally broken silence on the sad incident that involved his daughter.

The angered father called on the management of the school to take decisive action on the bullying incident.

An X user, @moooyeeeee, had on Monday night posted two videos of a female student of the school, Namtira Bwala being repeatedly slapped by another female classmate named Maryam, while accusing the former of snatching a boy. The user called for justice for the victim.

Speaking before the Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye, in a new development, Namtira’s dad made two demands. He said his daughter can’t remain in the same class with her bullies.

In his words:

“I gave them 48 hours to take decisive action against the perpetrators of this act. That is the first one.

Secondly, my daughter will not be in the same school and the same class with this children.”

During the interview aired on TVC News, Namtira Bwala, also shared her side of the story. The young girl narrated how her bully, Maryam Hassan, approached her and sought her audience.

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She said Maryam slapped her as she questioned her. Namtira added that a staff saw them but did nothing about it.

She further said that Maryam and her goons took her to a corner in the school’s cafeteria and repeatedly slapped her.


Namtira, Girl Bullied At Lead British School Speaks Up As Minister Storms School To Demand Justice

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Lead British International School has been shut down temporarily over the bullying incident.

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