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Nigerian Mum Shares ‘Traumatic’ Experience Living With Her Mother In-Law: ‘I Nearly Took My Life’

Nigerian Mum Shares ‘Traumatic’ Experience Living With Her Mother In-Law: ‘I Nearly Took My Life’

A Nigerian woman, has recounted her traumatizing experience living with her mother-in-law.

Mbagwu Jenifa shared her story while commenting on a post by a Nigerian man who advised women to make sure they are mentally prepared if they plan on living with their mother-in-law.

According to the mother of three, she almost took her life during the period she brought her mother in-law to live with them.

She went further to note that her experience with her mother-in-law made her promise God to treat her future daughters in-law with love and respect.

In her narration, she said:

“Omo I saw shege pro MAX. My own was na me use my hand do myself. Travelled to the village, saw my mum in-law looks sick, have to talk to my husband, let’s bring her to Lagos at least to take care of her. OMO, what that woman did to me till date I never comot from the trauma o.

I nearly took my own life. Kai Kai that woman made me promise God, I have 3 boys, I will make sure I treat my Daughters in-law with respect and the highest love you can imagine AMEN.”

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Meanwhile, another Nigerian lady said she left her marriage because her mother-in-law almost turned her into a haggard slave.

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“A living single mother is better than a dead married woman,” she added.

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