Mum Leaves Infant Locked In Car To Go Shopping

Police were forced to smash the windows of a 4×4 in a car park after discovering a baby had been left inside in temperatures thought to be more than 29C.

The baby was spotted in the car park of a supermarket in Hermosillo, Mexico, on May 10, when a witness claimed the woman left the child in the car while she headed inside the shopping centre.

The National Weather Service reported that the temperature in Hermosillo that day soared to 29.5C, but warned that the heat inside a car without ventilation can reach a massive 40C.

The mother told police that she had left the car for ten minutes – and had accidentally locked the keys inside, according to media reports.

She was then forced to stand back and watch as authorities smashed the windows of the vehicle to unlock the car and rescue the child.

Medics on the scene reported the child was showing signs of dehydration and was rushed to hospital.

Source: Mirror



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“Mum Leaves Infant Locked In Car To Go Shopping”

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