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Top Things to Note About Bouncing Back After Baby

Majority of new mums want to fit right back into their pre-pregnancy jean within a week or few days of giving birth and may feel awful when their body doesn’t bounce back as fast as they expected. Find top things you should note to guide your expectations in the weeks and months following childbirth and motivate you to accept and love your body…

Your tummy. There’s usually a sizeable baby bump after childbirth as the muscles and fascia in your abdominal wall stretched to accommodate your growing foetus. Your organs also shift to make room for baby. Getting rid of this bulge may take 4 – 8 weeks, depending on your body type, genes, pre-pregnancy fitness level, age, number of previous births, type of birth, and so on.

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Don’t compare your body to others or overexert yourself by starting a rigorous exercise routine too soon after baby’s birth. The key is to try to accept and love your body first and then start abs exercises your doctor approves of when you feel strong enough. Consistence may eventually fetch you the desired results.

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Your weight loss. You’ll likely lose 10 -12 pounds from baby, fluids and placenta weight immediately after giving birth. You’ll lose more pounds in the first week, majorly from excess fluids accumulated during pregnancy. After 6 weeks, you should aim to lose a pound per week through a wholesome and balanced diet combined with exercises approved by your doctor. Walking, swimming and yoga are quite safe options.

If you gained the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy, it will be easier to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight soon. Regardless, many experts advise giving yourself 9 – 12 months to lose all the baby fat. Don’t be in such a rush and resort to a dieting – you actually need more calories during this period if you are breastfeeding.

While some women lose their baby weight in 6 months or thereabout, others may struggle with theirs even after a year. Factors that often contribute to this include your genes, caesarean birth, your pre-pregnancy weight, pregnancy weight gain, frequency and length of breastfeeding, how active you are, your stress level, level of support in caring for your newborn, quality of sleep and number of previous births.

Reviewing your unique situation, setting realistic goals and taking consistent steps towards achieving them will make you achieve desired results in the end. So, love your body and don’t beat yourself up.

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You must realize that several months after childbirth, your body is still not quite its usual self as your organs are shifting back to their normal position, your uterus is shrinking back to its pre-pregnancy size, your body is producing hormones to facilitate breastfeeding your baby, eliminating excess fluids gained during pregnancy and labour, and so on. The key therefore is to love your body and give it the time it requires to heal and completely bounce back as you take consistent steps towards your goals.

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