Iwo Akinyoyenu: How I Got Rid Of My Baby Fat For Good

My pre-pregnancy weight was 65 kg but it went from that to 85 kg during pregnancy; that’s a weight gain of 20 kg.


I had a CS and that was not quite easy, but I was determined. After about one week of delivery, I started to tie my tummy…yes, I knew it was risky but my mind was made up and all I saw was the end result.

I checked my food portions because of the tendency to ‘eat for you and your child’ like our mothers (God bless them) will always say, which causes you to add on more weight. My tummy was tied 24/7 for the next 3 months, except when I go to take a shower.

Later, during a research, I learned that the first 6 weeks is the best window period for the tummy to return to its initial state before pregnancy. Using a belly band works wonders!

By the fourth month, I started doing some light exercises and continued to watch my food portions. From the sixth month, I was able to do real workouts. After one year, not still where I wanted to be weight wise (I was 69 kg at the time), I took it a step further and modified my eating pattern as well; the significant role diet plays in weight loss is quite amazing. After six weeks, I was at a desirable weight of 63 kg. My level of confidence grew as it felt so good and people were amazed at how I had lost 2 dress sizes; 12 to 8.

I pushed myself further to drop a dress size and guess what? It became reality. Today, four years after, I weigh between 59 – 60 kg. It makes me feel really good and has taught me that whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve as long as you are willing to go all the way.

I’m not afraid of pregnancy fat anymore because if I got rid of it before, I can do so again and again! So can you!

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“Iwo Akinyoyenu: How I Got Rid Of My Baby Fat For Good”

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