Evil Nanny Kidnaps Boss’ Baby Girl & Abandons Her in Kaduna

Cynthia Shamang, a 17-year-old maid, was nabbed by the police, on Wednesday, in Kaduna for absconding with Amarachi, the one-year-old baby of her boss, Kachi Mbagwu, in Abuja. She was arrested alongside her father and handed over to the police.

According to Punch, she fled with Amarachi on December 10, 2016 after her boss went for the annual Shiloh service at the Living Faith Church, DutseAlhaji, Kubwa. She subsequently abandoned her in a deserted garden in Kaduna.

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It was revealed that the toddler cried throughout the night and a security guard around the area rescued her the next morning. It was also learnt that the guard was afraid to rescue Amarachi that night because the garden was known to be infested with snakes and other dangerous animals.

Speaking at the police station, Mbagwu explained that Cynthia had barely spent three days with her when she absconded with her daughter.

”We circulated the incident on WhatsApp and other social media platforms asking people to assist in finding the girl. We later learnt that a security guard who heard my baby’s cries at a deserted garden rescued her the next morning and took her to the NTA station in Kaduna which broadcast it.

The maid said she didn’t want to work as a maid anymore and that she went away with my child because she didn’t want to leave the girl alone in the house.”

Mbagwu said Amarachi was in good condition, noting that she was however dehydrated.

”I am about taking her to the hospital for check-up, but she seems alright,” she said.

The Federal Capital Territory police spokesman, Anjuguri Manzah, confirmed the arrest saying investigation had commenced into the matter.

Photo credit: Punch

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