Read the Open Letter “Nigerian Single Mother’s Association” Wrote to BBNaija Housemate Bisola

Funmi Akinyode, a member of a group called Nigerian Single Mother’s Association has written an open letter to Big Brother Naija Housemate and single mother of one, Bisola, after she was caught on camera having some ‘under the sheet’ action with Thin Tall Tony aka TTT, a father of three, on Saturday (read here).

Read the letter below…

Dear @iambisola, we the association of single parent are disappointed with your act on national TV few days ago.. I followed you because of your presence on social media. Anytime I go through your page whenever am tired from work or bored, I can’t help but laugh and still praise you… When I now found out that you are a single mother and doing well for yourself with over 100,000 thousands loyal followers I said to myself, Funmi, when will you get here?.

After what you did, I wonder what you do on a good day when no one is watching. While you were giving someone a head on national TV, weren’t you thinking of throat cancer?Don’t you love the daughter you hustling for that much how she will feel when she grows up? (Even the so-called married man doesn’t even know if you have epileptic diseases and he left his private part to a total stranger..)after 10years when your princess is all grown up, someone somewhere will bring this act of yours, and she will never forgive you for this stupid act.

Bisola, once you are a mother or father, your life, and what you do doesn’t belong to you 100percent.. again. You must live a good legacy for your children to follow. What will you tell little princess if she comes home and tells you she gave someone she just met at a party a BJ when she grows up?

Bisola, I dunno know how you were brought up but your life can be better, and you can make it better than your parent.

Dear Bisola, the deed has been done. When you get out of big brother Nigeria, just go to GOD and ask him for forgiveness he’s ever faithful and merciful. He will cleanse all sins and make your part straight again.. Just keep doing what you good at. Make us laugh again.. GOD loves you and am still a loyal fan.

However, a Facebook user, Chukwudi Iwuchukwu, who weighed into the matter, condemned TTT’s act, saying his behavior mirrors what many married men do in Nigeria.

In his words…

Bisola asked TTT yesterday if he is a single man and he said: “By the grace of God he is single”. You see how a married man denied his wife and 3 kids on a live TV.

If you think TTT is playing a game, Tayo Faniran was a Big Brother Africa housemate in 2013. Before he went for the show, his fiancée gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Tayo respected the fiancée all through the game and told all who cared to hear that he has a woman at home that just gave birth to his baby.

It did not stop Tayo from playing his game. He came second and nearly missed the star prize by whisker. Compare him to TTT that has not mentioned his wife and kids to anybody.

Back then in the law school, I met shameless married men that denied their partners because of Law school hot babes.

One approached my friend Ifeoma with the cock and bull story that he is looking for a wife, meanwhile he has a wife at home with 2 beautiful kids at home.

No doubt about this, TTT is playing fans and the wife may approve what he is doing but his behavior mirrors what many married men do in this country, they deny that they are married because of a hot Instagram babe.



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