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How Cervical Mucus Can Predict your Most Fertile Days

The cervix is the neck of the uterus, it leads all the way to the vagina. It’s a passage filled with crevices (a narrow opening). In these openings, cervical mucus is produced and released based on the hormonal changes in a woman’s body monthly.

During a woman’s fertile period (when ovulation has occured), the mucus changes in terms of texture, color and consistency. It aids and helps sperm pass through the cervix, unlike non-fertile days. The mucus then acts like a barrier, killing and warding off sperm with white blood cells fighting foreign bodies. During the fertile phase, cervical mucus also extends sperm longevity, allowing them to live for up to five days within the female body

Being able to identify changes in cervical mucus, will help indicate the days leading up to ovulation, and sexual intercourse during this time will ensure that sperm will be protected and guided to where the egg is released.

Things to look out for

As mentioned earlier, you can identify cervical mucus through texture (sticky, or smooth and slippery) and color (white, creamy, cloudy or clear).

You can identify your cervical mucus when you wipe yourself with a toilet paper, or the fluid substance that is seen on a woman’s underwear. The best way to perform a cervical mucus test is to insert a finger into your own vagina. When the finger is removed, stretch it out between two fingers to determine its texture.

Note: Wash fingers clean and thoroughly before performing this self examination

How to decipher cervical mucus

  • Before ovulation

The texture – Dry

Cervical Mucus – Not present

  • Fertile Days (ovulation)

The texture – Moist or sticky, slippery, wet, lubricated

Cervical Mucus – White or cream colored, thick to slightly stretchy. Breaks easily when stretched, increase in amount. Thin, watery, transparent, like egg white.

  • After ovulation

The texture – Dry or sticky

Cervical Mucus – Sharp decrease in amount. Thick, opaque white or cream-colored

Also Note:  It can be difficult to distinguish between cervical mucus and semen, so do not do self-examination after intercourse. The texture of your mucus can also be altered by vaginal infections, medication, and birth control. Please make sure you are not on any medication. It is also advisable to check with your doctor always.


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