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Actress Allwell Ademola Recounts How her Man Died 2 Months Before their Wedding | Find Out What She did Afterwards

Actress Allwell Ademola Recounts How her Man Died 2 Months Before their Wedding | Find Out What She did Afterwards

Allwell Ademola is not only a multi-talented actress. The plus-sized diva is a producer/director extraordinaire. Still single, she reveals why her marital status hasn’t changed despite her growing fame.

In a recent chat with Vanguard, she talked about her secret pain, career, sex and love.

Read excerpts from the interview…

Speaking on why she is not married yet:

I would have been married some years back, I lost my man two months to our wedding. He was shot by armed robbers and I mourned him for two years. After then, I went into another relationship with my best friend who was supposed to be our best man. (He was my friend and he later became my man’s friend).

I later realised I didn’t know him well enough after we dated for eight months. That was another heart break. Haven suffered two heartbreaks , I decided to take it easy and fell in love with my job. For now, I am fine without a man.
So how do you manage sex since you are not in a relationship?

Sex for me has to do with my mind. If I was in a relationship, I could be very active sexually but since I am not in a relationship, what could bring the thought of sex into my mind? Even when I was in a relationship, I forget about sex when I am very busy. However, because I am human and the urge comes, what I do is call some friends and we hang out together. Thank God, there is also sex toy. Sex toy will not break one’s heart or impregnate one. But that doesn’t mean that I use sex toy, I am telling you the options available.

If there is anything you love to change about yourself, what will that be?

My heart, because I am a soft and emotional person. When I like a person, I like the person to a fault and when I dislike you, I won’t pretend about it.

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Have you been embarrassed at any time because of your size?

That has happened a lot of times but I don’t allow it get to me. There was a day I was taking this 3 in 1 Nescafe in my Pastor’s office and a lady stepped in. The lady in question didn’t know what I had in the cup, so she felt it was chocolate and started educating me on what is best for me to eat. However, I was angry and asked her what made her think I don’t like what I look like. I even went as far as telling her I don’t wish to be like her because she was skinny.

At the end of the day, she was the one who left my pastor’s office embarrassed. My father once taught me that nobody can make you inferior without your consent. Another one happened at an eatery. I was telling the attendant what I wanted which was fried plantain, salad and moimoi. The man next to me screamed, saying I don’t need fried plantain in the presence of many. I was furious and gave him what he deserved for embarrassing me.

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