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Music Producer ID Cabasa and Wife Mark 10th Wedding Anniversary with Beautiful Words

Popular music producer, Olumide Ogunade, a.k.a ID Cabasa, and his wife, an entrepreneur and singer, Sijuade, celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary yesterday in the most beautiful way.

The lovebirds took to Instagram to express their undying love for each other. In the special anniversary message, ID, who is the CEO of Coded Tunes, posted the beautiful photo below and wrote:

”A decade of love, living and lessons! HWA to us @sijuroyale life just started for us as we love till eternity. Thank you for being the love of my life.”

His stunning wife and mother of his three adorable kids shared a video with the lovely caption below:

”It’s a brand new year today as we celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary. Our GOD has been faithful, forgiving, protecting, providing, helping and loving us thru every phase and we are standing stronger than ever.

Lord, you have been at the centre of it all and we say thank you Lord. I celebrate you darling love of my life, my chocolate, my ice cream, my fried rice and salad…you are yummy @idcabasa ???????? my joy and sweetness, I appreciate you and bless God for you. It is surely going greater!”

In an interview with Punch last year, the couple, who met in 1995 and later became friends, opened up about their experience in marriage.

See excerpts below…

When did you decide to marry her?

ID Cabasa: I nursed the idea of marrying her from the day I asked her out which was sometime in 1996.

Was it love at first sight?

ID Cabasa: For me it was attraction at first sight. I grew to be very fond of her as we both began to love each other.

Wife: No, it was not love at first sight for me. It was completely the opposite because I read meanings to many things I observed about him as early as day one.

How did he propose to you?

Wife: He took me on a long walk after one of our choir rehearsals in church and said all he needed to say that night.

What would you have done if she didn’t agree to your marriage proposal?

ID Cabasa: It was almost impossible for her to disagree at the time of my proposal because the chemistry was really strong. But if she had said no, it would have been very devastating to me. I thank God that she said yes.

While you courted, did you feel he could disappoint you?

Wife: I didn’t feel he could disappoint me. I didn’t feel that way at any point and I salute him for that.

Was there any opposition from family members before you got married?

ID Cabasa: There was no opposition whatsoever because we were friends for quite a longtime before we decided to get married.

Wife: We didn’t have any of such issues at all.

How would you describe the experience of marriage?

ID Cabasa: Marriage itself is an experience which is different from when we were dating. In marriage, we disagree and agree a lot but most importantly, marriage teaches me how to communicate effectively with people. Also, my wife taught me several lessons which have been very useful to my life and career. Marriage has been a journey where I have experienced true love from a woman crafted for me. I can be silly sometimes but she knows and loves me with my imperfections.

Wife: Marriage for me has been a combination of fun, challenges, learning, adapting, and I’ll simply say, ‘a life transforming experience.’ Everything changes and one must be open-hearted to flow accordingly.

Who apologises first when there is a quarrel and how do you make up?

Wife: I used to do the apologies a lot regardless of who is right or wrong. I just wouldn’t want strife to stay in my home. But at a certain point, I cut down on it too when I know I am right. Maybe because I feel he does not want to apologise to me. Well, we make up somehow especially when we both let our guards down.

ID Cabasa: Early in our marriage, she was the one who always apologised whenever there was a disagreement. But now, we both do and I think I do more nowadays.

Do you invite a third person into your disagreements?

ID Cabasa: We both have same people we talk to in a rare occasion when we have to involve people. The people are those we can call our ‘accountability partners.’

Wife: On my part, it is settled in my heart that it’s a life journey and all grounds are not smooth.  We can both be tough so I am prayerful about the success of our union. Willingness to stay together and putting deliberate effort in particular areas is absolute.

What would you say accounts for the success of your marriage?

ID Cabasa: It is our commitment to God, love and the friendship we share when we have misunderstandings.

Do you sometimes regret being married to someone in the entertainment industry?

Wife: My husband was not yet a music producer when I met him so I had no insight into the area of entertainment. I just knew him casually and loved him so much. Our relationship is not about the industry, therefore, no regrets.

How do you react when female fans admire your husband?

Wife: It has never made me feel awkward; I just enjoy seeing him being celebrated.  However, when I see threats, I easily discern and the right thing to do is to start praying. I release angels to keep him and wade off the enemies. On that note, I will be at peace.  He can confirm that I am someone who does not boil over his female admirers. I have got the right backing and I even flow with those that ‘show face.’ More so, my husband is trustworthy and I am grateful for that.

How do you keep admirers at bay?

ID Cabasa: Like a common proverb, ‘what I won’t eat, I would rather not smell it.’ If I discover I am attracted to another woman, I avoid any sort of close relationship with the woman. Also, if I discover a lady is attracted to me which happens more often, I will avoid her immediately and report myself to my accountability partners.

Wife: If you mean those that admire me, I believe they respect themselves and will either stay away or be good people. I also say thank you to those that come with a big and warm smile.


Photo credit: Instagram

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