5 Tips For Getting Baby to Sleep

Struggling with sleeping is probably normal for some babies. There are however some strategies that can help ease your baby’s sleep difficulties. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Warm the crib with a warm towel

Your baby might just be bothered by the cold of his sheets after feeling very warm in your arms. Doctors discourage parents from using blankets over babies for at least a year after birth. You can substitute blankets with warm pajamas or swaddling. You could also try running a towel through the dryer and setting it on the sheets for a few minutes before bed. Be sure you remove it before laying your little one down to sleep.

2. Keep the room dust free

Most babies struggle with nasal congestion at night. This may be caused by allergens present in the room. Little babies are primarily nose breathers and won’t sleep well when their nasal passages are irritated. Dust frequently and remove fuzzy blankets and animals that might attract dust to help baby sleep better.

3. Switch between mom and dad for bedtime routines

Beginning to switch between mum and dad will make it easier for baby when sleep time comes. This way, if Mom is busy it won’t be too hard for baby to be put to sleep by dad. An added advantage is that bed time can provide dad with a chance for bonding, which will help build a stronger relationship.

4. Try “fathering down”

Fathering down is the technique of the father nestling the baby on his chest, resting his chin on the baby’s head. Dad then hums, sings, or makes shushing sounds, which obviously comes at a deeper level than mom’s voice. The vibration, then, is what eases baby to sleep. Try this if your baby is a tough rooster.

5.  Check your baby’s bedtime

Are you putting baby to bed too early? Too late? Move bedtime forward or backwards, by at least half an hour and see what the result is.

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