Iyabo Ojo Shares Major Throwback Photo… Read the Inspiring Story Behind it

Nollywood actress, producer, mum and beauty entrepreneur, Iyabo Ojo, has shared a part of her life most of her fans never knew until now: she has always been a strong woman.

Sharing on her Instagram page, the single mother of two grown children revealed that after she graduated from the secondary school in 1996, she was asked to register for computer lessons, but she opted to work as a sales officer with a gift shop, a move she never shared with her family.

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Meanwhile, she did not last on the job because a friend of the family busted her and her family trouped to her place of work, made trouble with her employer, then dragged her home.

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Read her full story below:

“This throw back pic means a lot to me! this was my first time ever working n making my own cool money, it was just for 4months tho this was a month after I graduated from National college Gbagada in d year 1996, even tho I come from a very comfortable family.

I cldnt wait to start making my own money, my parents thought I had enrolled for computer training but instead I saved d money giving to me n got a job @ a gift store named Bolpan as a sales girl on opebi, I was so excited that I was making my own money then 2500 (two thousand five hundred) monthly, I felt like a big girl until I got busted ???????????????? a friend of my aunt exposed me.. u need to see d convoy my family drove down to come fight with my boss n take me back home, they ended up opening my own supermarket for me later when I clocked 21years & I have never stop doing business ever since.”

Photo credit: Instagram/Studio 24

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“Iyabo Ojo Shares Major Throwback Photo… Read the Inspiring Story Behind it”

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