Child Custody Drama: Read the Shocking Text Message Tonto Dikeh Allegedly Sent to Churchill’s Mum

On Air Personality, Lara Olubo shared a text message actress, Tonto Dikeh allegedly sent to her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill’s mother. According to Lara, who refers to Churchill’s mother as her ‘Aunt’, the woman sent a long message to Tonto, begging her to allow her son, have access to their son, King Andre.

From the text, which is purported to be from Tonto, her response was filled with insults thrown at her MIL. 

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See the alleged text and Lara’s comments below:

“Dear Mama/Papa king! I’m taking this up publicly for people to know that as a family, we have tried to settle this rift between you both! I wish and pray someday soon all this would stop and you both can come together as one to raise our King! Anike, I know with the help of no one, you will raise King to the best of your ability. The Zenith Bank account your Ola opened for your son is accessible to you, he can’t lack anything. But I need you to know that you have a SON darling! The bond between a father and a SON is always very thick! With all what is going on right now, even if we all forget about it, the internet would remind your Son. People would bring all dis out sooner or later! Deep down inside your heart, you know your hubby never raised his hands on you, you know how much you have blocked all access to reach you and we are still trying to! Deep down inside your heart you know this Issue started with you and my “Aunt” because your hubby bought a house for his mom! All the fabrications going round has been crafted to tarnish his image. Both of you never had any prior problems about infidelity and Domestic Violence like you mentioned during your interview.

The chronicles of all the problems started when you caused a scene for 2 hours straight breaking down all the electrical appliances and interiors in the newly finished house he acquired for his mom last December in the process of doing all this, you attacked your mom in law physically which is a Taboo in YorubaLand. The house warming was fixed for the next day and you ruined it for my aunt who had flown all the way from UK to enjoy the comfort of her new house.

The injuries you sustained while breaking appliances is the injury on your leg. Ola left for Ghana to cool off with Dunlop slippers after you had destroyed all his personal effects. We all his family members saw this and blamed him that he had covered up too much because of your image! Don’t forget he has family and it is time that we come out and say something. Mom King, I wish you can allow us as a family to settle this amicably, you know how many family meetings we’ve called and you never showed up! I just wish and pray you both can be one again. I wish you can give us the audience to settle this! I know you both are adults thou and old enough to take decisions about your lives!

She continues…

Hmmmmm! Anike! With all you have done and said to my “Aunt” we still forgave you because no one is perfect! When I saw this message you sent to her👆I was in shock and all shaken up. We still feel we can settle this Anike because of KING, but you refused to pick anyone’s call nor make yourself available to settle this. Please my dear, since you made up your mind that you are not coming back, then let all this be! Let it go! Move on with your life dear, you guys don’t need to abuse nor say nasty things to one another no more! You guys don’t need to try nad destroy one another’s career no more! All I truly want to do is to appeal to you Anike to let him have full access to his son and make him available to him regardless of your differences..

I do not want this boy to grow up and have sad moments when his peers would taunt him with negative stories about his parents from years ago; he’s a major priority to him and He’ll do anything to protect his son and family from bad vibes..Internet never forgets oo. He has tried all things humanly possible to get through to you and his son; Searching for you both for the past weeks. He’s been roaming Abuja to find you guys just to see his son. Kai! And you both are so good together oh and we know you both compliment one another! Esu ma labara oooo sugbon ko ni igbala! I’m not saying my brother is right nor wrong, neither saying you are right nor wrong! Whatever that is hidden is open in God’s presences!

My mother’s saying “love keeps account of no wrong” I’m begging both of you for the sake of the love you both have for your son! Please, let this go! if you do not want us to be one family no more! Just let it go and move on then! If you both can’t get over each other, then let’s settle this…. marriage is not by force. Neither is Marriage for everyone…there is no need going to the extreme acting on the threat you made claiming you gave him fame and you will take it back! A make up artist that could skillfully make you look like a man; Can as well do a make up to convincingly present Pictures of Domestic Violence. We all know how these things work in the movie industry. Kai! I know Nigerians would tongue lash me for this, Aburo mi ni Kunle oo, Eje mi ni ooo but its okay! But I beg you all bloggers, after this, let them be!

Dikeh‘s marriage with Churchill crashed earlier this year over claims of infidelity and battery (read here).

According to reports, Churchill has not had access to their son since their marriage fell apart.

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