So Sad! See why Devasted Father has Dug Grave for Sick Daughter Even Though She’s not Dead

A heartbroken father who can no longer pay his sick daughter’s medical bills is now preparing for her death – by taking her to play in her future grave. Zhang Xin Lei, 2, was diagnosed with a blood condition when she was just two-months-old

According to the Daily Mirror, the family, who lives in China, has spent more than £11,000 on her medical treatment – but the money has now been exhausted. After realising there was nothing more he could do, Zhang Liyong decided his only option was to prepare her for death.

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He dug up a grave for her and lies in it often with little Zhang Xin Lei, while her pregnant mum sits nearby. He said:

“I could only come up with this idea of bringing her to play at this place. This is where she will rest in peace. All I can do is accompanying her every day.”

According to Mirror, the family have borrowed money from friends, but the offers of financial help have run out. Zhang Xin Lei was diagnosed with ‘Thalassaemia,’ an inherited condition which affects oxygen in the blood, when she was just 2-months-old.

It requires lifelong treatment including medication and blood transfusions. This led to her father’s decision that the only option was to prepare his daughter for her death.

Without close monitoring and regular treatment it can cause serious organ damage and can be life-threatening.

In an emotional interview, her tearful mum Deng Min said: “We have been driven into a corner and there is no other option.”

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Photo Credit: Daily Mirror