How Woman Who Suffered Pre-diabetics & Hypertension Gave Birth To First Child at 59

A 59-year-old Ghanaian woman who had tried for nearly four decades to become pregnant has given birth at a New York hospital after undergoing fertility treatments.

Akosua Budu Amoako gave birth to a full-term 7lb 4oz boy on June 15 at Bellevue Woman’s Center in Niskayuna, near Albany.

Budu says she and her husband, Amin started trying to have children after they were married 38 years ago, but eventually stopped trying when she discovered she had a blocked fallopian tube that made natural pregnancy almost impossible.

The excited mother told Times Union last year, upon learning that a 60-year-old woman in the couple’s homeland of Ghana gave birth to triplets after fertility treatments, she underwent in vitro fertilization at an Albany-area clinic using her husband’s sperm and a donor egg.

It is a growing phenomenon as women delay pregnancy to focus on their careers, and fertility treatments become more advanced and more accessible. For some cases it is a different ball game as in the case of Budu but luckily, the IVF treatment worked.

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Budu said happily:

“The baby was named after his father, Isaiah Somuah Anim. We haven’t gotten much sleep, but I feel fine and I think he already knows our voices.

When he’s crying sometimes, my husband will call from work and Isaiah will hear his voice through the phone and calms down and stops crying.’

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Doctor Kushru Irani at Niskayuna’s Bellevue Women’s Center who was inchargee of her said Budu was pre-diabetic and suffered from some hypertension.

According to him, hr tried every possible means to discourage the couple from doing IVF, as he was concerned about the strain pregnancy and delivery would put on her heart.

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He added saying that the wonderful couple were very calm, determined and had clearly thought about this a long time. The couple who seem joyous over their baby said they were happy that their baby was an American citizen too. Doctor Kushru said:

“Once a patient makes a medical decision, it is my duty as a doctor to do my best to care for them and keep them in good health. You compartmentalize your worries so you can keep the patient’s spirits up.”

Congrats Budu and Amin!

Photo credit: Times Union

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