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Dear MIMsters: My Daughter’s School Teacher is Choking Me With His Calls (Part Two)

In response to the first post, (see here),Ma, I really appreciate the response from the family and would like to answer the following questions that they have raised about my daughter’s school teacher.
1. How the teacher got my number?
I collected his number from the school admin to follow up on how my daughter is doing since I do not live close by. That is what I have been doing since the first day she joined school. I do contact the Head Teacher and even the Director occasionally if need arises.
2. Baby in boarding?
Baby is left with just 1 year to leave primary school. I am in fact planning to put her in boarding in the same school in January 2018 so that she concentrate since it is her final year. (2018)
3. My daughter my have told the teacher of my financial status? –
No please, as I said, the teacher might have assumed that since I work abroad , I have money. My daughter is the quiet type in school. I know her from head to toe. She can never ever discuss me with anybody, not even my own siblings. She is also very open with me. In fact if she knew what her teacher is up to (asking me for money), she would have told me long time.
4. Who takes care of my baby? –
My sister. She knows about all this wahala. The teacher even called me to complain that my sister doesn’t give him anything when she does school runs.
5. Any agreement between me and the teacher?-
Well, he offered to have an extra tuition with my baby during the holidays last month but I didn’t agree due to my instincts. I BLUNTLY REFUSED!
6. Now, let me clarify this.
Problem started when my daughter dropped in marks compared to how well she was performing in her former class (with a different class teacher). I got concerned and reached out to her current class teacher for the first time. That is how this male teacher got to know that I am not in the country since I called with a different code.
That same day, he told me that I shouldn’t worry, that he was going to take care of my baby, that he was going to ensure that my baby does well. He then said that after he works hard and my baby improves, it is upon me to appreciate him. I openly told him that I will see him when I return home.
It is after that call that he started asking me for money. I am glad my daughter has improved because I took it upon myself to talk to my baby at length. We agreed that she should concentrate on her studies and bought study materials for her to use at home.
I am glad she has really improved and her teacher could also have worked hard to see her improve, but one thing that irritates me is why he keeps on asking for money. Is it not his work? It is since that first day that this teacher hasn’t stopped asking me for money.
Please note: Every class has a different class teacher. Meaning that when my daughter goes to next class in 2018, she will have a different class teacher.
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“Dear MIMsters: My Daughter’s School Teacher is Choking Me With His Calls (Part Two)”

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