5 Best Love Making Styles During Pregnancy

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People are of the opinion that pregnant women would rather shy away from sex, it’s actually quite the opposite. Sex during pregnancy is highly recommended and can be enjoyed just as well. But the baby in the belly is growing, so it won’t be easy to just “do it” the way you’ve always done. Except you know the right styles to make it convenient for you.

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Here however are 5 sex styles highly recommended during pregnancy!

1. The Semi-Missionary Style

Yup! It’s still one of the best positions in these times of fatigue and pelvic stress. Lie on your back with a pillow under the small of your waist. This style is good for when you’re feeling tired as all you have to do is lay back and enjoy while your husband does all the “work”. You may also be prone to waves of nausea in this position, we recommend that you prop yourself up with pillows. Stack them under your back so that you’re sort of reclining and sitting at the same time.

2. Spooning Style

This position involves both of you lying on your side with your man behind you. Experts recommend you do this on your left side instead of your right side. Penetration is shallow in this position but it also leaves your husbands’ hands free to do some stimulating touching and caressing to make up.

3. The Doggy Style

It involves you getting on your hands and knees while your husband goes in from behind. Penetrating can be deep in this position so guide your man and let him know if you get uncomfortable. You can put a pillow under your stomach in case you want to rest your stomach. You can also enjoy this position using the wall or edge of the bed for support while your hubby stands behind you.

4, Straddle Style

Women swear by this style that it’s absolutely the best and most convenient. It involves the man lying on his back while the woman sits astride him to achieve penetration. This way, the woman controls the depth of penetration and the speed. It’s considered one of the best styles because the abdomen is totally free and not under any pressure.

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Your partner’s hands are also free to roam the sensitive contours and crannies of your body thereby increasing the pleasures of sex. If your legs get tired you can alternate between squatting and kneeling over him.

5. Scissors Style

Looking into each others eyes while making love with your partner can be divine. This is what the scissors position offers to the pregnant wife who wants to satisfy her sexual longings. Here, both partners lay on their sides facing each other with a pillow placed under the woman’s stomach.

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The lady should be on her left side for safety reasons. The man puts his leg over the lady’s and gets busy with the pleasing. This position requires less energy and penetration is shallow. The man can also adjust his position to give the woman the pleasure she need at the right place.


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