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Dear MIMsters: Is It a Good Idea to Invest My School Fees Into Hubby’s Business?

Is it a good idea to invest my school fees into hubby’s business?
I’m 25 and a mother of one. When I was in my 300l, my husband proposed. Said he was scared of losing me to another guy because most of my friends were male. So we got married and I planned not to take in until graduation.
Meanwhile, my in-laws kept bombarding hubby with calls thinking I had fertility issues. So I took in and we now are blessed with a baby girl.
I had to skip a session in school because I gave birth in the same month exams started.
Right now! My husband is into agricultural business which has been highly profitable. The person who even introduced him to the business has been successful in it and is now a car dealer.
Now here is the problem: my husband gave me the sum of N100k to pay my school fees but I discovered that registration and exam fees payment have been closed for this session.
I plan to keep this money until next year March when school resumes but hubby said I should use this money to start the same business he’s into, enlarging it and working together as a team.
He said I will resume school with the little he would have saved up by next year.
He promised we’ll open a joint account where the profit will be saved and we will share the profit 60(hubby)/40(wifey) monthly.
My question now is should I save my N100k till next semester (next year March) or should I venture into this agriculture business with my hubby? 
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“Dear MIMsters: Is It a Good Idea to Invest My School Fees Into Hubby’s Business?”
  • I think you should venture into the business, after all he gave you the money. Even though I know men of these days can’t be trusted. Invest it and make sure the joint account is opened and all agreements put into writing because believe me if you don’t invest it, who’s to say you won’t spend it before March comes. You know how money is lol.

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