Dear MIMsters: I Know I Was Wrong To Call My Husband a Bastard, But See What He Did

I know I was wrong calling my husband a bastard but see what he did.
My husband and l had an argument and the next words that came out of his mouth were, “pack your load and leave,” and l was like, “what?”
These words were like he stabbed me with a knife. I told him that l didn’t bring my things to his house myself, that he went with a vehicle to pack my things from my father’s house and if he doesn’t bring a vehicle to pack my load out, he is a bastard. He said, “you called me a bastard?” and l just ignored him. l have been waiting for the vehicle to come move me out. l love my husband but he just succeeded in killing the love l have for him.
We were arguing about water. l needed water that morning but he refused to fetch water from the well for me. The well is very deep and the bucket attached to the rope is very big. This is what we have in our compound.
Sometimes, l fetch water from another street, other times, we buy water from people who supply in drums. So, I begged my hubby to fetch water for me but he refused. l told him l needed water to shower our children, 5 year and 1 year olds and his reply was, “did I take a shower?” He just wore his clothes and was leaving for work, while I kept insisting he fetches the water. That was when he said, “pack your things and leave.”
His words got to me. It was a shock and l don’t need that as I am just trying to be there for my one year old who has haemangioma on her upper lips. She’s had it since she was two weeks old.
The doctor said the soluton is surgery but for now, we have been placed on observation, so, emotionally I’m trying to be stable but my husband’s words shocked and I was deeply hurt, that’s why l replied him the way I did.
l sent a text message to him afterwards, apologized for calling him a bastard but he didn’t reply. l feel he’s been hating on me before our argument and he used the argument as a chance to say what’s on his mind.
The shock has even changed my menstrual cycle – my period seized and I’m now on a 35 days cycle instead of 28.
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“Dear MIMsters: I Know I Was Wrong To Call My Husband a Bastard, But See What He Did”
  • Woman, please don’t kill yourself over a man that will easily replace you. You have reached out and apologize and he’s still forming, has he apologized for what he said to you? Sometimes, we try to avoid these arguments. Give him time, he will come around.

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