Dear MIMsters: How Do I Explain This Indecent Exposure to My Daughter

Please parents in the house I need your advice. How do I explain this indecent exposure to my daughter?

My 6 year old daughter saw me and her father having sex.

Now, you would say we are careless parents but no. Personally, I have always been very careful around my kids knowing that kids these days, are way smarter than we think. My kids have their room but on some nights, she comes to our room when she has nightmares.

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On this particular night, she came when we were about making love and we had to leave her in the room. When we thought she had slept, we went to the living room. Her sister was still in their room, so, we couldn’t go there.

Seriously, I don’t know how but one way or the other, she saw us. How she managed to open the door of the living room, came in out without us hearing any sound and watched what we were doing, I can’t possibly explain.

However, according to her, she saw daddy put his penis in my vagina (she knows the real names cos I taught her a few weeks ago).

Even though this happened last year, she never asked us about it, but she told her 4 year old sister that she saw us naked and we were doing something bad. She also told her sister that each time we close the door of our room, that is what we do.

I am devastated, confused and this has made me edgy such that hubby is upset with me for being too careful each time we want to make love. Even while making love, I’m on the edge which spoils the fun.

I don’t know but ow did I get here. How did I let this happen? I can’t even forgive myself.

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The problem is that I don’t even know how to explain this to my daughters or tell them what that act means. She probably doesn’t understand it, that’s why she said it must be a bad thing. Should I tell her everything about sex? I’m confused. Please help!

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  • Tell her everything, it’s safer that way. Tell her what she saw is how mummy and daddy made her and her sister and it is nothing bad. It is natural for mummy and daddy to do it and only mummy and daddy is allowed to do it.

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