Dear MIMsters: I Now Cry Myself to Sleep Every Night Because of Her

I now cry myself to sleep every night and it is because of this woman.

I have been trying to conceive for 8 years now and hubby has been very very supportive. When I say supportive, this is in any capacity that you can think of. He has always been there and has never made me cry or remember my status in pain.

He is a good man who on my last birthday, bought a car for me. I am saying all these in an effort to make you see what I mean by being good.

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However, problem started that same last year. I noticed some irregular movement in his life and I dug in to find out that my man is cheating on me. Due to the fact that I am not familiar with this lifestyle, I found it very difficult to handle.

While we are watching a movie, he will be busy chatting and smiling in such a way that my presence becomes insignificant to him. This continued until I summoned the courage and confronted him. He admitted he was cheating, apologized and promised to end the affair as he never wanted to hurt me in any way.

But could you believe that it is this girl who refused to let my hubby be? She kept on sending him text messages telling hubby that she is pregnant for him and that it should be kept a secret from me. I found out and asked him and he took responsibility.

He told me that he tried to break off communication with this other woman for like 5 months but she just won’t let him be, so he decided to cave in and her pregnancy is the result. I remember when I begged him to leave this woman alone, he promised and assured me he won’t continue. He even told me that she loves him so much and might die if he leaves her just like that and would apply caution.

I have also just discovered that he has now rented and furnished a house for her and spends every Saturday there with her. I cry every night while others sleep and I have been looking very old while he looks much younger and more attractive.

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Recently, I encouraged myself and I stopped loving him. Though we live together, I see him as a lier and a pretender. Everything I do with him now is pretence. I need a help. Can someone please talk to me? Am I doing the right thing? I am also thinking of ending the marriage. I don’t know what to do. The woman has been writing to me indirectly from Hubby’s phone, telling me she is not afraid of me and that has made me believe they discuss me every weekend as they meet. Pls help a sister.

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“Dear MIMsters: I Now Cry Myself to Sleep Every Night Because of Her”
  • I perfectly Understand your pains. But you don’t have to cry because crying won’t solve the problem. Not being able to conceive for 8 years is quite abnormal to be honest. You have to see a doctor if you haven’t, you also have to be steadfast in prayers. Thinking of whether to quite the marriage, I will advice you shouldn’t even think of it. Fight to save your marriage, obviously your husband is a good man and still loves you and that woman is trying to force her way into your husband’s life because she knows you haven’t given birth. Perhaps because she noticed your husband is financially okay. This is the time for you to love your husband the most, win his heart to your side, try and work on yourself physically and spiritually so you can conceive a child for your husband, do what it takes to save your marriage. The other woman is wicked and just want your husband money and the only way to get it is to bear him a child.

  • Don’t leave your home for her.He is your husband,and don’t stop praying,in fact intensify your prayers now,putting your husband’s heart and your home in God’s hands.Very soon,you will concieve in Jesus name.

  • Please leave him for her for your sanity. Who knows the next man you meet might get you pregnant. Don’t waste your time with a cheat and a liar. He has always been that way, you just didn’t see it. He did all these on purpose and was pretending to you.

  • How are you sure the baby is actually your husband’s own. She is playing a fast one because she has discovered that you are waiting on the Lord and your husband needs a baby. You will be surprised that desperate ladies can do anything to steal other people’s home and joy. Be friendly with your husband, prayerfully establish your home back to God’s hands and after sometimes stylishly suggest DNA of the baby to him.

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