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Dear MIMsters: My Husband Constantly Humilates Me and Here’s Why

Dear MIMsters: My Husband Constantly Humilates Me and Here’s Why

My husband constantly humilates and here’s why.

My hubby has turned my family to his toothpick. So, whenever we have any issues, he takes it out on my family, insulting them. He has about three projects currently on ground and because of this, he stopped giving me the monthly allowance for housekeeping. Initially, I never complained, but when I realized it was telling on my business, I told him to at least give me half of it, but he didn’t.

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 I’m a distributor whose income is between N4000/N5000. I do supplies three times in a week. So, I get between N12000/N15000 weekly. Occasionally, I spend more than my weekly income in a day. We have 4 giants dogs and they eat 5 kg of dog food in 2 days. That’s about N1500. We are 2 adults (one of his workers), and my daughter.

 I have been struggling to meet up with the financial demanding of running the house because of the projects. When I noticed that one of his vehicles had a flat tyre, I thought I could manage to put it in place before he returned from his station but the vulcanizer said I would need N3500. I called to tell him about it and asked him to send money for it. He responsed by calling me, “a shameless woman” for asking him for money. This is for his own car oh.

I told him that I’ve already spent up to N 7,000 that day.

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Last weekend, we had an event to attend that day. I had rushed out to see a friend earlier, so I rushed back to prepare and rushed out for the event with him. As a result, I forgot my purse at home. On the way to the event, I asked him for N 200 after telling him I forgot my purse at home. You need to see the way my husband rained insults on me because I asked him for of N 200 to buy Golden morn for our 4-year-old daughter.

He said that I never added value to him, that there’s nothing good in me. Infact, this has been his national anthem to me. This is a man I stood by when there was nothing. I am not a lazy woman, I know that for sure. He wants me to stop my own business so that I can face a business that we have not even started. Hopefully, by April the business will start.

My fear is that, now that I still engage in little businesses that gives me money, and I still get humiliated by him, how much worse will it get when I have no business of my own to get an income from to meet my needs?

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He has already told me not to expect any salary in the first 3 months of the business when I start working. How do I handle all these? I am really tired of the marriage.

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  • Why would you stop your business for the other when you can do both. Since your supply runs in twice in a week, you can supply and still do the other business or get someone to help you with the supplies like the lady living with you. Whatever you do, don’t stop your personal business because of the other one because your husband will frustrate you more when you don’t have a source of income.

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