Dear MIMster: How Do I Tell My Cousin What I’ve Been Doing With Her Newly Wedded Husband?

How do I tell my cousin what I’ve been doing with her newly wed husband?

I’m a 21-year-old girl in 300 level. I have a cousin that I like so much and she is very fond of me as well. When she got married, she invited me over and I went during one of our holidays.

Unfortunately, when I got to her house and saw her husband again, I became more attracted to him. He is so handsome, sweet and sophisticated. I knew I couldn’t control myself anymore, so, I told my cousin that I would leave the next day. She however became angry and even her husband begged me to stay.

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I accepted to stay but was so tempted to have him that I allowed the devil take over. I started thinking of ways to seduce him. I would wear bum shorts and walk in front of him and bend down – I was doing crazy things to him and he fell for it after a while.

I knew he loved his wife dearly but he couldn’t stop having me. Sometimes, we would make out at night while my cousin was asleep and even during the day while she was busy watching her series. She was oblivious of it all because we left no trace for her to spot.

I went back to school after a few weeks and started feeling bad about what I had done to my cousin but her hubby still wouldn’t leave me alone. I couldn’t resist him either. He always finds time to come to my school. I’m overwhelmed with guilt and it has affected every aspect of my life.

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I met a priest who prayed for me recently and felt some peace in my heart but he insisted I should confess to my cousin to stop our illicit affair. But, won’t that ruin her happiness? What would she think of me? I don’t want to break her marriage. What do I do?

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