Why We Think Seyi Law Is One Cool Dad

Ogbugoh Terundu Joy Esq.

We have watched with pleasure how Nigerian Comedian, Seyi Law, has constantly showered his one year old daughter, Tiwaloluwa, with endless love, care and attention.

It took the couple five years of trying to conceive before Tiwa’s arrival. During those years, the comedian and his wife, Stacy Ebere, stomached a lot of snide comments from observers and answered plenty of hard questions. Now that she is here, the comedian is spending time nurturing and bonding with his little one.

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The proud dad whose real name is Oluwaseyitan Aletile has never stopped sharing part of his beautiful daughter’s life with his followers on his social media platforms, which is why we can share reasons why Seyi law is such a cool dad.

1. Nobody messes with his daughter: Remember when a controversial female journalist made some negative comments about Tiwa’s weight? Yeah right! Like any loving father, Seyi retorted sharply, sending a message to all that no one making snide remarks about his little girl will be spared, not on his watch.

2. He keeps track of her milestones: Isn’t this what mother’s love to do the most? But Seyi Law is not leaving this to his wife as he keeps record of every little milestone his Tiwa reaches, and goes on to share it with the rest of the world in pictures and videos.

3. He continuously cheers his daughter: Every girl wants a daddy who is proud of her and showcases her to the world just as Seyi Law does with his daughter. With the amount of accolades the comedian adorns his little girl with, Tiwa is sure going to grow up into one confident woman.

4. He spends time touring with his daughter: The little girl has gone on more shows and met celebrities than many of us have. On an Instagram post dated the 10th of April 2018, we see Seyi Law and Tiwa all dressed up and ready to explore the city of Essex in United Kingdom. It was a beautiful daddy-daughter moment.

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5. He has more pictures with his daughter than he has with any other person: This doting daddy grabs every opportunity to take memorable photos with his Tiwa. Visit his Instagram page and you would be greeted with a collage of photos of himself and his little girl.

With a dad like Seyi, who needs a best friend!

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