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Dear MIMsters: Could My Husband Be The Man Behind My Problems?

Could my husband be the man behind my problems?

I’m a graduate with a marketing degree who worked in the bank before I got married. My credentials suddenly developed wings and has flown out of my house for 3 years now. Every attempt to get a job, my husband has turned down.

He pleaded with me to work for him as his marketing manager and I agreed. Along the way, I got a very big proposal that required his approval as my director but he stylishly turned it down. Fast forward to today, I’m at home without a job, no money and no certificate.

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Two days ago, I went to his office to pick up something. An elderly man who is his neighbour confronted me. He asked what I came there to do and I told him. He said that I should not waste my time coming to work cause my husband has vowed never to pay me as he doesn’t want me to grow more than him, financially.

When I asked my husband, he could not deny it. He has been quiet since then. I have also asked him if he knows where my credentials are but he said he doesn’t know. I’m so helpless now. Where do I start from? Should I start by writing another SSCE and JAMB examinations. Do I have to go back to school? I never knew my husband could be this wicked. I am going crazy.

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“Dear MIMsters: Could My Husband Be The Man Behind My Problems?”
  • Some men are just so wicked. Fearing competition when there’s none. Go back to your schools and report that your credentials are missing. I think you would have to do somethings like going to court or something like that so as to get your schools to give you another one. That your hubby is too wicked and you need to separate from him for sometime. That man can kill you if you eventually become successful.

  • Sorry to say this, but it’s only a coward and in-secured man that won’t want his wife to grow more than him. Go and report him to the highest authority let him produce your certificates cos i can’t imagine anyone living his life and living mine as well. You know how long it took you to become a graduate and what you went through to become one, so get up and act fast.

  • Your hubby is insecure. Probably because he knows very well that you are smarter than him. But come to think of it, how do ppl really view marriage? When you are married to someone you own everything together. You may have a seperate accounts for personal reasons but you still support eachother to run your home. There’s no mine and his. So if you should own more than him it will benefit you both unless your relationship is more like the room mate- husband kind of life..
    Your hubby is a very selfish and greedy man( sorry but truth must be told). I have no doubt that he has stolen your credentials and kept it somewhere or probably thrown it away or burnt it.
    But poster, can’t you go to the education service of your country and see if you can get them to print out another copy for you? In My homeland you can do that. In this computer age, all you need to do is to give details of who you are, your school, finger print etc and voila, it will appear on the computer.
    But get someone to really talk some sense into his coconut(sorry). He’s living his dream and he wants you to sit home and worship him or what? It’s just a pity how some men think.

  • Hmmmm this is so bad! This man is wicked. I will advice you go back to your school and re apply for your certificate. Am sure they will give you again even id you have to pay little more than required.

  • Inferiority complex is disturbing him, he knew u will be greater dn him, maybe he saw dt in ur character, some men can so jeolous and wish dt u remain stagnant 4 life.

  • If he’s d one with your certificates then it’s obvious he’s not ready to give it back. Pls put yourself together and go back to your school and let the school authority know your cert is missing. The process might be a bit stressful but you’ll get it. Then go look for a good job. Don’t discuss your plans with your husband if all you have said is 100% true about him. Above all, May d Lord give you wisdom to handle dis matter d right way

  • This is a form of domestic abuse.Your husband is an insecure bully.Please don’t subject yourself to writing those exams

  • You can still get your certificates back from the concerned authorities though the process can be frustrating. Start working on that immediately so you can get the job you want. But let all these be done quietly and with wisdom. Be strong.

  • Did u just call him your husband? Well my colleagues here have given u enough advice. A word is enough for the wise

  • My advice may not be popular, but I’ll give it anyway. Tell your plight to Jesus in prayers. Then go meet the person he both respects and submits to, and put it before him. I sure believe he will give him reasons to see things differently. You can still have your marriage and do your job to your fulfilment. But by all means, value your marriage!

  • am sory to say oooo but he is practising physical witchcraft. i dont mind praying for him to die to move forward.haaa.i feel ir pains aftr how many yeears of hard wrk n sleepless nights.

  • Hmmm,what a man!pls re apply for ur certificates. It’s a stressful process tho.but u have to start from somewhere.

  • Get some people to flog your hubby very well, he’s behavior is that of a kid so he should be treated as one! Enemy of progress!!

  • U can get ur credentials back with an affidavits attached.. men very funny people, they’ll borrow money from u to do different courses but u want to do masters no money.. u finish no encouragement dis marriage thing eh

  • Before we start crucifying the man, lets question his reasons, yes! The woman can be saying all sorts, but the opinion is not complete yet, the man’s attitude is quite unspeakable, but woman, you need to settle whatever it is with him, getting another certificate is not the problem, you still live in his house, you are under him still! You need wisdom here!

  • Late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya used to say ‘Take it SLOW and get to KNOW’ but chemistry and sexual passion be clouds our sense of judgement. Sometimes, it is religious, ethnic origin parental sentiments make us to ignore clear danger signals. God speaks again and again but many may not hear. The lady didn’t pick signals before marriage maybe because the husband has wonderful dick. The man is evil as he has kept the lady’s star covered. He saw the star and feels threatened. The lady’s certificates are with him. The lady should report the man to his parents (that is if the man’s parents and siblings supported the union from the beginning) and if that fails, the lady should report the matter to the man’s Pastor who can decide to call the elders and deaconesses in the Church and bring the man before theven people so that he can be cautioned.

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