Dear MIMsters: Could My Husband Be The Man Behind My Problems?

Could my husband be the man behind my problems?

I’m a graduate with a marketing degree who worked in the bank before I got married. My credentials suddenly developed wings and has flown out of my house for 3 years now. Every attempt to get a job, my husband has turned down.

He pleaded with me to work for him as his marketing manager and I agreed. Along the way, I got a very big proposal that required his approval as my director but he stylishly turned it down. Fast forward to today, I’m at home without a job, no money and no certificate.

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Two days ago, I went to his office to pick up something. An elderly man who is his neighbour confronted me. He asked what I came there to do and I told him. He said that I should not waste my time coming to work cause my husband has vowed never to pay me as he doesn’t want me to grow more than him, financially.

When I asked my husband, he could not deny it. He has been quiet since then. I have also asked him if he knows where my credentials are but he said he doesn’t know. I’m so helpless now. Where do I start from? Should I start by writing another SSCE and JAMB examinations. Do I have to go back to school? I never knew my husband could be this wicked. I am going crazy.