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5 Reasons Why A Woman Should Make Her Own Money

5 Reasons Why A Woman Should Make Her Own Money

Let me first make this clear; there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a housewife if it works very well for your family. There is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to running a family. Having said that, it is this article is to motivate those mommas who are paradeventure looking for one more reason to make their own money.

“He beats me and almost maimed me, but I can’t leave him because I’m not doing anything right now, I have no work.” “He doesn’t give me enough money for the upkeep of the home, so I can’t even send any money to my parents because I’m not doing anything.” “I have no job, no skill, no money.” These are some of the multitude of pitiful complaints I receive on a daily basis from women visiting our website and Facebook page.


There was a time when all a woman or wife was expected to do was stay home to bear children, raise them, cook and do house chores. There was no pressure on her to work or partake in any form of business to earn a living. She only worked if she so desired. It was acceptable for her to sit and look pretty, while husbands were expected to go out to work and earn a living to provide for their family. The consequence of this was total financial dependence on her husband, a dynamic that has remained intact, until recently.  Today, times have changed. 

See a few reasons you should be up and doing in the money making business.

  1. Two Heads Are Better Than One

A man is great as a man, but when he has a woman with him that he can rely on, a woman that can not only stand for herself, but pick up the mantle when he is tired. Nobody is rich forever, even rich people get broke, your husband might be down financially, knowing that you are there to carry the weight for a little while, not only will help your ego in a good way, but give your husband a good reason to know that he needs you. Lets face it, what makes a wife happiest than knowing that her husband needs her?

2. It Empowers You

Far far gone are the days when it was cute to just sit at home, cook, clean, wash, have children and warm your husbands bed at night. A lot of women making it big in industries all around the globe. When a woman decides to be industrious and make changes in her life for the betterment of her family and self, there is a sense of fulfilment and pride that makes you carry yourself in a much better manner that it will command respect, not just from people you work or relate with but even your husband.

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3. You Are A Role Model

Your children look up to you, especially your daughters. When they see that mummy on a daily basis, gets up to go to work, or go do her thing, comes back and cooks or gets things in motion, when they can see and learn that you dont allow the stress of work or running a business get you down, (nothing good comes easy), they eventually start to look up to you and you are on the way of becoming the world’s best mum.

4. To Be Independent

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Yes it is marriage, and you are in this together. Sometimes a man really loves to hear when a woman says, “ got this”. He might not have a problem with you asking for money for every thing, from food money to buying your sanitary towel, but what better feeling could there possibly be when you can do things for yourself and buy things without having to ask your husband for, things within reason of course.

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5. It Gives You A Creative Outlet

Having a business of your own helps to create a positive and healthy way for a woman to learn to express her self. Her creativity is brought forth and the upside to it is that she earn money from it too. Call it a double blessing.


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