Dear MIMster: Is It Acceptable For My Husband to Do This Late Into the Night?

Is it acceptable for my husband to do this late into the night?

I am married with 2 kids. Ever since I married my husband, I have never received love nor felt loved. He has a habit of always chatting with ladies till late in the night. If I confront him, he will confess that he has had affairs with them and this is after we got married.

I made it known to him that I can’t take it. I cried and begged him to stop but he never did.

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The issue caused an argument one day in the presence of his Mum. What the mother said revealed to me the kind of woman she is. Her comment was that I should leave him alone that he is just stamping them, that, I am the one that is at home.

Since then, I made a decision to ignore him because that was the advice I got. I make sure I don’t sit in the sitting room whenever he is chatting so that I won’t get angry. I went through his phone one day and discovered he is still having sexual relationship with his ex~girlfriend.
This man has caused me lots of trauma and sadness. He told me I am immature, that he has never seen or heard where a woman complains of his husband chatting with female friends.

I would like to throw the question to the house, is it a normal thing for a husband to be chatting with his female friends till late in the night?

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“Dear MIMster: Is It Acceptable For My Husband to Do This Late Into the Night?”
  • My dear it is not normal ooo, get yourself busy as they have advise get your phone, browse with it, the most important make yourself happy & ignore is well