Top Dirt & Germ Prone Areas In Your Home You Probably Aren’t Paying Attention To (Part 2)

Dolapo Marinho

Continued from part 1.

6. The Toilet Brush!

I literally break out in a cold sweat every time I have the misfortune of handling the toilet brush. I wish someone would just hurry up and invent a smart, hands-free toilet cleaning device.

Left on the brush after swirling around in the toilet bowl are MILLIONS of germs and bacteria.  So, what should you do?

Top Tip: Pour some diluted toilet cleaning liquid into the brush holder and soak the brush in it to disinfect.  Replace the solution every three days to maintain a fresh, clean toilet brush always.

7. Tops of Paintings

Yup! Remember when you moved into your new house and hung that wonderful painting you found at Lekki market?  I bet that if you ran your finger along the top of that painting right now, you would find enough, dirt, dust and fluff to knit a wholly jumper.

Top Tip: Invest in a feather duster, it makes light work of all those hard to reach areas.

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8. Inside your Furniture

When was the last time you lifted off the cushions on your sofa and cleaned it on the inside? Your jaw will drop when you do.  Cutting combs, 50 kobo coins, last year’s birthday cake crumbs, mummified cockroaches and that second slipper you’ve been looking for ‘siiiince’. You’ll find them all down there.

Top Tip: Get out your dust pan and brush or handheld vacuum cleaner and brush away the detritus, at least once every couple of weeks.  Also invest in some fabric odour eating spray to help keep your furniture smelling fresh.

9. Blades of your Fan

The next time your reach for the fan button, STOP and look at the blades.  What do you see? A thick film of dust, right?

The fan, be it ceiling or standing, is one of the household objects that hardly sees the cleaning duster. Every day, it accumulates dust and when you turn it on, it blows all that lovely dust back onto your face. Dust mites and other allergens might be living in that dust.

Top Tip: Wipe fan with a soapy solution, regularly. This will help reduce the amount of dust sticking to the surface in between cleans.

10. Mosquito Netting

We’ve all been to that friend’s house that always seems to feel gloomy and dark even in the daytime, with all the curtains open! Take a closer look, the problem might be the mosquito netting!  Most people do not even think about the amount of dirt and pollution that gets trapped in their mosquito netting. Sometimes years worth of build up accumulates, blocking the air circulation!

Top Tip: Get a traditional broom and beat the nets from the inside. You might have to cover yourself in a bee keepers suit to stop yourself being covered in dust!

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