Remarkable Health Benefits Of Bananas For Children

Ogbugoh Terundu Joy

All fruits are beneficial to the body, but every fruit has a peculiar nutritional value that it provides our system with. Bananas being one of the various  fruits gifted to mankind, brings its own remarkable health benefits to our bodies as well as that of our children. 

Find below, six of such benefits of this very sumptuous fruit:

1. DIMINISHES SKIN INFLAMMATIONS. If your child is experiencing acne, heat rashes, insect bites, sun flies, eczema or other skin related problems, take some peels of banana and rub the inner part against the inflamed skin. The peels of banana are anti-inflammatory agents which would help to soothe away the inflammations.

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2. SUBTLE ON THE STOMACH. Many foods our children consume cause their developing stomachs difficulty to digest. When a diet does not contain enough water or fibre, it obstructs  the bowel from moving as it should hence resulting to constipation, but not banana, bananas are rich in fibre which makes them subtle on the stomach and easy to digest. There are sure to cause no hassles to their little abdomens.

3. TREATS CONSTIPATION. Where your child is having difficulty going to the toilet,  winces and strains to poop, or  where there is some blood stains on the tissue after you clean him up, it is likely that he is constipated. Mash and feed him with some ripe bananas, the dietary fibre contained in banana would help to ease out the stool.

4. IMPROVES EYESIGHT. Bananas contain high amounts of vitamin B6 and B12 which are beneficial compounds in improving eyesight and warding off vision related ailments. Feed them to your little one more than twice a week and he is sure to have bright healthy eyes.

5. ELEVATE BRAIN POWER. Who doesn’t want their child to be extra smart? Well, bananas have being proven to give your child’s brain just that extra boost it needs. Because one banana contains enough glucose to last his brain a whole day, he is sure to have his mind sharp and functioning when he starts his day with a finger or two of banana.

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6. ASSISTS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF BONES.  The calcium, potassium, , magnesium and vitamin K nutrients contained in banana aids in strengthening  bones.

So there you have it, benefits that should motivate you to incorporate banana into your chid’s daily diet.