New Research: Cheats Tell Time Of Day They Connect With Secret Lovers And It Is Eye-Opening

An Online dating agency, Ashley Madison recently conducted research into the inner workings of people who cheat on their partners and the result is eye-opening.

The site surveyed 1,600 members to find out when they think about their secret lovers, when they talk to them and when they carry out their affairs.

According to the study, cheats start thinking about their lovers as soon as they wake up but mostly only contact them frequently, during work hours.

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More than 2/3 of those surveyed have been married for over 10 years, while 44% of them said they have been having affairs for a year or less.

The majority of those having secret tryst said they contact their affair partners via text message.

Interestingly, when it comes to the frequency of contacting their secret lovers, 47% said they get in touch with the persons they are cheating with once or twice a day, while 42% contact their spouses once or twice daily, also.

Data from Ashley Madison showed that more than half of cheats stop a work meeting or other activities to answer calls or messages from their spouses, while 73% said they would not do same for their secret partners.



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A lot of them also claimed that they stray to stay in their marriage. They allege that they live an otherwise happy life with their spouse(s) and family(ies), yet, they feel that something that completes them is missing in the picture hence their cheating habit.

When that ‘something’ that completes them was evaluated, it was found to be ‘sex’  for some, and for others, it was simply ‘the feeling of being desired.’

It was also found out that the preferred time for their secret meetings is ‘After dark’ with 21% of them saying they don’t see their secret partners until after 9pm.

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