Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo Says Twerking Cannot Sustain Marriage |Video

The Founding and Head Pastor at David’s Christian Centre, Lagos; Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo took to his Instagram page to share this excerpt from his sermon and it is hilarious but thought-provoking.

Now, because the 1-minute video shared on his Instagram page dealt with the ‘woman’, he added a caveat to his post to justify that his sermon is not biased.

“TITLE- my advice to young women – for full message dm @ldmwithpk (for those who like fight note that it’s a one minute clip so pls don’t take out of context, and there was a full message addressing men too)”

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See the content of the video below:

“The man as he grows older, he is looking for someone who will intellectually stimulate him. So by the time you are 5 years in marriage, you can’t twerk for him again. Most girls want to continue twerking but he will say, ‘I have seen it all.’ She will say, ‘Let me twerk for you.’ He will say, ‘Twerk your brain for me now! Business is stuck. We are stuck. I need somebody that can twerk brain to move to the next level in the business.’ He is looking for who will twerk sense, so that they can move the business forward and expand. They want to open more branches. This is why many marriages they drift apart because the man no longer finds anything he is looking for in you. You are not fun, you are not intelligent, all you talk about is children’s school fees, children’s pampers,…  so develop your intellect, your intellect is not like your beauty, your beauty was given to you free, intellect has to be developed, that one takes work, they don’t dash you!”

See the video below:

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