German Woman, Nicole Chilaka-Ukpo Reacts To Nigerians Praising Her For Raising Her Kids To Embrace Their African Heritage

Recall German woman, Nicole Chilaka-Ukpo, married to a Nigerian from the Eastern part of the country, who shared a post on how she’s raising her kids to embrace their African heritage? Her post generally elicited favourable responses from Nigerians, most of who used her as a benchmark to call out Nigerian women with differing views.

While appreciating the love, the mom-of-3 released a new post saying that she does not want to be praised at the expense of the Nigerian woman. .

According to the 28-year old Nicole, rather than praise her for doing things she learnt, why not praise her husband’s family who accepted her wholly and taught her those skills being praised in her?

She stated further that she wouldn’t likewise want the praise if it would be at the detriment of the Nigerian woman who does what she’s learning to do on a daily basis and has remained unsung over the years.

She concluded by stating: “Don’t bash your very own to praise me! I don’t want it! It’s not a compliment! its an insult to your very own! its an insult to the black woman that gave birth to the human race!

See her post below:

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i NEED to get this off my chest, the last 24 hours have been crazy, with countless people sending me links of blogs that shared my content. dont get me wrong, i appreciate the love! but this is EXACTLY what iam against: celebrating a white for what she learned from the original woman! do you really think i would be able to take my kids to nigeria without a strong family that got our back? do you really think i could feel home here without people that love me regardless?
capital no!
so if you want to praise anybody, its my family! not me! i cant teach my kids what i dont know, i cant teach them a culture or language(and i do not even want to do that) thats not mine! i cant and i wouldnt even dare to! i dislike cultural appropriation with a passion!
when you see me backing my kids, pounding pepper or yam, cooking with fire wood or speaking the little igbo i know, its because i was TAUGHT by my people! and no guys, its not an achievement, its not anything special, its not supposed to be even worth an article on any blog, its supposed to be the standard of every single white parent raising black kids!
my problem is that you compliment me for what you expected your sister, mother, aunty, cousin, co wife to do automatically… but you forget that thousands of igbo ladies are in the abroad speaking perfect german, spanish, russian etc, AND their kids still speak igbo and english. i dont want to hear this „onye ocha is enjoying our culture meanwhile nigerian girls“ nye nye. dont do it! dont bash your very own to praise me! i dont want it! its not a compliment! its an insult to your very own! its an insult to the black woman that gave birth to the human race!
i couldnt be where and who iam without the utmost support of my family!
iam forever grateful!


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