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Dear MIMsters: Despite All The Sad Posts, Godly Men Still Exist. My Husband Is One

Thank you for this platform because I learn everyday. My post is not to mock those who are not enjoying their marriages or make them look as if they have bad luck. I just want to reassure everyone that despite all the heartwrenching and sad posts we read about men and marriages online, Godly men still exist.
God decided to bless me with a loving hubby and words do fail me to describe how he has turned my life around and always makes me happy. We have been married for almost five years and have two beautiful girls and expecting another soon.
Since we’ve been married, I’ve never seen any traces of any side chick(s). He neither hides his phone nor anything else from me. In fact, I have been thinking, “how is this possible?” He doesn’t return home late, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t tell lies, is so sincere and has the fear of God.
A lot of people in my office have argued that all men cheat but I don’t argue with them, I just keep calm.
Anytime my hubby wants to travel out of the country, and if need be that he has to show up for a visa interview, he takes his statement of account along. I have studied several statements of account and I have never seen any unfamiliar name in the statement.
We have some properties to the glory of God. 50 percent of the income from these properties go to our children’s account while 30 percent goes to my own account. The remaining 20 percent is used for maintenance. Still, if he makes extra one naira apart from his salary, he will still share with me and my children.
In fact, I have not seen any fault in this man and when people ask me, I tell them that the only fault I see in him is his addiction to football. I asked him many questions before and after the first year of our marriage and I discovered that all these qualities were inherited from his parents, especially his dad.
He told me when growing up, he had a 7.p.m curfew, and his father monitored all of them till their university days and would always give them surprise visits. He was a disciplinarian to the core, and it helped all of them to become principled. My hubby told me when growing up, he never heard that his father had a girlfriend and he was a lecturer. His colleagues would make jest of him that he doesn’t know how to enjoy life.
My sister in-law also once told me that people have asked her mum to share secrets on how she keeps her husband who despite being wealthy, doesn’t flirt around with other women. Two people I know, have asked me the same question about my husband.
This is where I am going with my story: the bottom line is, we as parents have have the duty to raise responsible children, since charity truly begins at home. Let’s train our boys as they grow into adolescence to know that one woman. Teach them not to hit a woman, not to make a woman cry, and to understand that being domesticated as a man, does not make you any less a man.
I believe that the world would be a better place if we teach them all these.
My husband got a maid to help me but he still helps with house chores. He cooks when I’m tired,  puts the kids to sleep sometimes, even when my little daughter cries at night, he will carry her and tell me to go and sleep. Someone trained him to be responsible and I pray for his parents daily for training him well. You and I can do the same with our kids. God bless us all and may we reap the fruits of our labour by God grace. 

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