BBOG Activist And Mum Of Two, Aisha Yesufu, Shares Inspirational Story Of How Synergy In Her Marriage Helped Her Business

BringBackOurGirls (BBOG) co-convener, Aisha Yesufu, has shared the story of how much growth she has recorded in her business since starting it in 2002 and it is truly inspirational.

In a twitter thread she created few hours ago, Aisha chronicled her business exploits and the symbiotic relationship that has existed between her marriage, and business/self development, all thanks to her supportive husband,  Aliu Osigwe Yesufu.

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In a series of tweets , the doting wife and mum of two recalled how she started as a sales girl selling chicken feeds and finally became her own boss selling same feeds in 2002, starting with 10 bags. With the support of her husband whom she calls a ‘good person’, the outspoken mum said she has successfully expanded her business.

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Read her narration below:

“Dont ever allow anyone disrespect your honest hustle. Be proud of it & own it! I am a proud chicken feed seller. I started with 10 bags in 2002 today I buy in trailer loads. I was the sales girl and would load feeds into people’s cars today i have staff and visit once in a while

This man is my Greatest of all Times (G.O.A.T.) Aliu Osigwe Yesufu. My darling husband. Even before we got married he told me i had to be financially independent. In the year 2000 he wrote me a letter and told me I would be a force the business world would reckon with.

That business failed. It was my first and i didn’t start small. I started big without learning the business. It failed by 2001. 2002 i started my chicken business that is still thriving. I went on to do lots of other businesses but the chicken business stayed on.

My husband i have no words to describe him. HE IS A GOOD PERSON!
He was deliberate in wanting my success all the time. He takes so much pride in seeing me excelling. He never allows me quit no matter how tough.
He is a feminist not in words but in action.

My husband is a strong advocate of women being financially independent. In his own words

“A woman must be able to have control over her own life. She cant have control if she is not financially independent”

In the early days of my being a key distributor every Saturday my husband would drive me to Zaria from Kaduna and we would go knocking on people’s doors to tell them about the chicken feed we were distributing. Some people were nice some weren’t. Some drove us off their place????

When i decided to go into properties my husband supported. Even though he was the one i had wanted to build but he wasnt interested when told him i would go into it he supported 100%
I built for tenants. This year i decided to build to sell, he has helped me register the company”

See screenshots below:

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