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10 Questions You Ought To Ask Your Partner But You Are Too Afraid To Do

A good marriage or relationship thrives on the open exchange of emotions, desires, and feelings. There are levels to getting to know someone and your significant other is certainly someone you want to know on the deepest level, even if you are afraid to put in the work.

Although, we would like for our partner to be more vulnerable with us, certain questions and subjects just are uncomfortable to broach, and sometimes you can fear that asking may upset the current balance of your  relationship, or that you might annoy your significant other. Let’s examine some of the obvious questions to ask your partner but are too afraid to.

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1. Do You Feel Like I Am The Best For You?

I bet this question has crossed your mind at some point. Nobody likes to feel that their partner ‘settled’ for them. While you might have been sure earlier on in your relationship, familiarity and just the effect of time and life can cause you to genuinely crave for your partner’s reassurance.

Still, you may refuse to ask because you don’t want to be misunderstood. Honestly, its hard to recommend whether you should go ahead and ask, because questions encourage conversation and communication, but really your partner’s peculiar nature could make it a difficult subject to broach.

2. How Much Do You Have In Savings?

This is an important and valid but extremely sensitive question, because in reality your partner’s financial strength is something that you should know.

It is practical for your planning and living together as a couple, but if your better-half does not offer this information on their own, asking could be misconstrued.

However, if you both have gotten super comfortable with each other, they will at least give you an idea or estimate, but things could go wrong also if your partner judges your question quite differently.

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3.Whats’s Your Monthly Take Home?

Questions around finances are crucial because of the crucial role of finance in marriage or even relationships. A leading cause of disagreements and separation is money.

Still, partners walk around eggshells and pretend to not see the obvious, and would rather just wait for events to unfold which may then put a strain on their relationships.

Asking about your partner’s salary is a question that you ought to ask, just be diplomatic about it, and offer them information about yours, so you can both be financially wise as a team.

4.What Do You Think Of Income Disparity?

How much are you both currently earning, and what are you and your partner thinking about shared responsibilities?

Culturally, in this part of the world, one person is expected to be the breadwinner, but with the dwindling  fortunes in the economy, many more men expect that their women bring financial commitment to the table according to the extent of their earnings.

Would you be open to this arrangement, it is best to start the conversation with your partner.

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5. Fertility Issues:

When you both want kids and are having difficulty bringing it into fruition, communication often times is a lot more strained. But it is time to ask inevitable questions, so that you can both effectively tackle the situation.

Fertility treatments can be expensive, you may want to ask your partner how much they are committed to solving the issue and if you have their full support, especially if medical tests already determined one party to be with the cause of the delay.

Still the question can be difficult to ask, unless, you both have formed true friendship.

6.What Does Your Family Say About Me?

Your relationship hardly ends with your partner, their friends and family are usually on the sidelines, and while you may maintain cordiality, its hard to tell what they truly think and say of you.

You may be tempted to ask your partner about your hunch, but would you really?

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7. Do You Feel That We Make Each Other Better?

This is one question you ought to ask because it allows you both  to evaluate how far you both have come as a couple and discuss how to approach the next level in your relationship.

Still, it could be a tricky question and leaving communication channels open can help you have a easy conversation.

8. What Do You Most Value About Our Relationship?

This is a helpful question to ask because it can allow your partner acknowledge parts of the relationship that has made them better but it could still be tricky, what if they do not come up with what you expect and the conversation goes tense.

Would you manage?

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9. Was Your Mum’s Action To Me Fair?

Sometimes, we can have the most difficult  in-laws who spare no chance to put you down. The injustice can be so obvious that you feel so lost and alone.

Your partner’s timely support can come in very handy but what if he chooses to sit on the fence?

You might want to ask his real thoughts, perhaps you should, but it is tricky, he has you to protect and he can’t throw his family under the bus.

Maybe it’s best to not ask.

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10. Are Your Properties In Both Our Names?

Women especially itch to know whether their husband has them in his financial plans, and in the event of a sudden demise, would they and the kids have some security in terms of properties to live on?

It boils down to communication, although a valid question, it could easily go the other way.

Whatever happens, bear in mind that questions are good conversation starters and you should really not be afraid of your partner.







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