OMG! See The Unbelievable Reason An Employer Refused To Give This Female Corper A Chance

Wonders shall never cease!

An ’employer’ has taken to Twitter to narrate why a particular corper did not get employment in their organization.

According to the narrative, the said corper appeared to be too comfortable and in the employer’s opinion, she would not be teachable or flexible.

Read the narrative below:

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“How a Corper’s ’richness’ hindered her from getting employed today… So I am looking for a youth Corper to fill specific roles in my department. What I am on the lookout for in an individual is: teachability, flexiblity and importantly a person with fire in their bellies… Anyways the team member tasked with the responsibility of getting me a Corper introduced one to me, for a quick conversation… Brief description of her; she is pretty, somewhat bougie and she oozes the ’I can’t come and kill myself’ vibe… Looking at her, I was in doubt she was a struggling Corper. She looked like she needed a place to sign attendance at, every month, not necessarily the stipend she would be paid. She had an iPhone and a shiny Apple wristwatch sitting pretty on her wrist. First thought that crossed my mind was ’probably techy… The next thought was ”this one don chop belleful, will she be willing go grind”… I was quite undecided about her, to be honest… After the interview I looked through the window and saw the latest Lexus with tinted glasses and covered number plates drive into the compound to pick her up… I made up my mind there and then, ”this Corper no go hear word”.

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As to be expected, many twitter users reacted to the narrative with most nailing the supposed employer for being irrational.

See the some of the reactions below:

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And swiftly, the unrepentant ’employer’ did a clapback on the reactions.

See below:

“If Nigerians were not afflicted with the virus of reading to respond rather than to comprehend, they would note the words: ’fire in their bellies’ ’I can’t come and kill myself vibe’ I pray for understanding to the daft section of the Nigerian populace”

Do you think this ’employer’ is justified?

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